SportVue™ MC1 Heads Up Display for Motorcyclists

Motion Research Corporation announced today the availability of the SportVue™ MC1 , described as the world's first "heads up" ...

SportVue™ Heads Up DisplayMotion Research Corporation announced today the availability of the SportVue™ MC1, described as the world's first "heads up" display for motorcyclists, projecting their speed, RPM, and gear setting across the face shield of their helmet.

The new SportVue™ works in tandem with the Veypor Performance Computer. The Veypor mounts to a motorcycle to read performance data such as speed, engine RPM, and transmission gear. An RF sender is attached to the Veypor which beams information to the SportVue™ MC1 mounted on your helmet. The SportVue™ then displays that information across the face sheild of your helmet.

"Knowing my lap time and gear shift points while maintaining my focus on my riding can be a big advantage at the track," says Motion Research founder and former racer Dominic Dobson. "The new Veypor with SportVue Heads Up gives the rider back that focus, and makes riding on the street more fun."

The SportVue™ operates on 2 AAA Batteries, and retails for $329.00 from its website.

The SportVue™ does not come with the Veypor Performance Computer. You can purchase the Veypor at its website or at selected cycle shops across the world.


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  1. I am just thinking, can most people focus on a visor when it is only 3 inches from your eye? I just did an experiment and I wrote "Hello World" on a Post-it and put it on my visor. I put on the helmet and I couldn't read it. It was too close.

  2. James,

    Thanks for your comment. We were sent a link which led to your comment. Our SportVue MC1 has a patented optics system which focuses the image to near infinity. Therefore, the image is not like a note 3" from your eye. Instead, the image is projected thru an optic system that focuses the display at a view depth similar to normal riding conditions (20+ feet). We hope this helps.

    The SportVue Team



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