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It looks like we lost a good friend. A friend we've been riding with in our club decided to sell his bike and just cage it from here on...

It looks like we lost a good friend.

A friend we've been riding with in our club decided to sell his bike and just cage it from here on out. At first, I thought it had something to do with his health, but apparently not. He said he just didn't care to ride anymore. On top of that, he plans to move out of state.

In my college days my Kawasaki KZ400 was the only means of transportation I had for about three years. Rain, shine, heat, or cold, that was the only thing I had to get around. After awhile I grew really tired of getting cold and wet. That's when I bought my first car (a pick-up truck actually). I didn't ride again for fifteen years.

In the first year, riding a bike used to be a ton of fun. A friend that I grew up with had a bike too, and we rode all around So. Cal. on the weekends, and talked about the cross-country trip we planned on doing sometime. Eventually, we ended up getting full time jobs, and we ended up with steady girlfriends that demanded more of our time. We didn't really ride for fun anymore. The freedom of riding had turned into a hassell, and having a car offered me new possibilities.

Maybe that's kinda what happened to our friend. His new job didn't afford him much time to ride with the club, and hence riding a bike had become nothing more than a necessity.

The thing was that he lived for riding, and for riding with the club. When he started a new job that took away the only thing he lived for, it became easy to understand. But instead of finding another job that allowed him ride with the club, he opted to start a new chapter in his life.

As much as I would hate to say it, I think it's a good decision. He's a great guy who deserves a lot more than what he's been given. We'll miss him.


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  1. I wish him well, I went back to riding after being in a cage. I left riding for many of the same reasons you mentioned. Often times we get in a hurry and forget that the ride is what it is all about. Slow down on your daily commute and realize what you are missing from the past when you first discovered riding a motorcycle.
    I will never go back to the cage, rain or shine, it is always the bike. If I need to use a cage, my wife drives.

  2. Don't you think when you reach a certain age, it's time to grow up and stop playing with toys? I didn't realise this untill I turned 28. Ditch the bikes, sports cars etc.... and start planing for the future.



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