Lucky to be Alive!

"You're lucky it wasn't worse" "Someone was watching out for you" "You're lucky to be alive!" The...

"You're lucky it wasn't worse"
"Someone was watching out for you"
"You're lucky to be alive!"

These are the comments I've been getting in the past few days since returing home from the hospital after my motorcycle accident.

Yesterday, I was on the phone with a woman in London, England. She worked for Reuters Business Insight, a unit focused on helping businesses like the one I operate make decisions on how to expand. She mentioned wanting to learn how to ride a motorcycle. I told her about my recent accident, and she replied about how lucky how I was.

Today, I visited Temecula Motorcycle Service, the shop that's going to repair my bike, and the guy there was fascinated at the extent of the damage. He then took a look at me and noticed all I had was this splint on my wrist. He said that someone had to have been looking out for me.

At lunch, my wife and I talked with our server who said that her son was recently in a motorcycle accident and suffered a broken collar bone and several broken ribs. She couldn't understand how I came out seemingly untouched. Another server there stopped by and mentioned she had just been in an motorcycle accident and had several stitches to the back of her head.

Sometimes I sit here at my desk and wonder why worse stuff hasn't happened to me yet. In college, I remember a friend of mine saying that I had been running up an awfully long string of good luck. His life had been full of bad luck. I always felt that there's a price to be paid for everything, and I kinda dread getting the bill one day.


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  1. We all have had our personal crash on a motorcycle (once, when I started riding, I was told that you become a real biker only after your first crash...I think it meant that you cannot avoid one anyway). But I had once the chance to meet a guy skydiving like me (pulling the devil by the tail isn't it ;) but who was saved at the last minute (really 50 seconds before impact) by friend, after having got kicked in the face during a freefall group figure and fainted . I can tell you that that guy had a very special glance in his eyes! You could see that all he was living after that accident was BONUS! That glance was in fact pure happiness! It helped me to have a different perspective on life and enjoy every second of it!

    Have fun and drive safely

  2. Riding everyday (SoCal) for 22 years I better hope Saint Hailwood or someone is watching over (us)...
    Not a month goes by before someone who doesn't ride notices the jacket or helmet I'm carrying and begins to try to tell me about cousin so'n'so's horrible motorcycle crash. I have to just stop them in their tracks and inform them EVERYBODY has a baaad story they want to tell me about THEIR relative, and I'm just not going to listen to that shit anymore from people who DON'T ride. Nyah nyah to them! Tonight's ride home will be in this helacious wind, too, yuch!



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