The Politics Behind Helmet Laws

Scripps Howard News Service released another article concerning biker deaths, this time focusing on helmet law repeal. The reporter corre...

Scripps Howard News Service released another article concerning biker deaths, this time focusing on helmet law repeal.

The reporter correlates a rise in motorcycle fatalities with a rise in helmet law repeals.

Of course, the reporter doesn't mention that there are also a lot more people riding motorcycles these days as well, and doesn't mention why bikers are getting into accidents.

But the article does dive into the politics behind the helmet law repeals, and its history. It's good reading just for that purpose.

Some interesting quotes:
Yet motorcyclists have become so passionately opposed to mandatory helmet laws that they've formed powerful state and national lobbies, persuaded Congress to muzzle federal highway safety experts and convinced lawmakers in 30 states to roll
back their statutes.
Wow! If bikers are so politically persuasive, why don't we have safer roads?
Helmets spoil the ride for many motorcycle enthusiasts. They say they love the feeling of freedom as the wind whips in their hair. Those killed in wrecks are overwhelmingly white and disproportionately middle-aged and divorced men, according to federal death records.
Haven't we heard this before?
"Many of the supporters of repealing the helmet laws are very effective. They are very well educated and well funded. And they have a single issue," Cosgrove said. "They present this not as a safety issue, but as a matter of states rights and individual freedom. They are very good. I wish they were on our side."
It isn't too hard to understand states rights and individual freedom, maybe that's the problem with our country today.
"People just don't care about safety. And these guys have a pretty good lobby," he said.
This is probably the biggest misconception about bikers. As bikers, we all know we're more concerned about safety than anyone else on the road. But it's not just about wearing helmets. It's the other drivers on the road as well. It's not about falling off the bike, but about getting hit by someone.

As far as bikers having a pretty good lobby, obviously the cagers have a better one, or else we wouldn't have helmet laws period.

If people like this reporter are so concerned about motorcycle safety, let's talk about road improvements, reducing traffic congestion, and going after trucks that don't cover up and secure their cargo.

Telling bikers to put on more safety gear is the cheap solution for cagers. Instead of busting the cagers driving irresponsibly, they make the bikers wear helmets. It's like saying, "Yeah, we know we're a big problem, but we'd rather have you watch out for us instead".


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