SCRC and the Patriot Guard Riders

I was browsing the Road Star Riders forum when I came across a message from someone who quit the Southern Cruisers Riding Club (SCRC): Well...

I was browsing the Road Star Riders forum when I came across a message from someone who quit the Southern Cruisers Riding Club (SCRC):
Well, I just resigned myself from SCRC and when I get home tonight, I will be removing my SCRC backpatch and burning it. This spineless organization has asked it's membership that "choose" to participate in Patriot Guard Riders missions to NOT wear their patches. Am finished with them, and am VERY glad i didn't waste the money joining Star Touring.......they are no better.
This person is referring to a rule established by the national leaders of the SCRC that its members cannot wear SCRC patches at a Patriot Guard Riders event...
We do ask that no representations of the SCRC logo or the name Southern Cruisers be displayed by SCRC members while participating in this or any other similar organization. We do not want the Southern Cruisers name to be involved in case something unforeseen does happen.
Who are the SCRC? It's a big riding club, with chapters all over the United States. Anyone can join, even if you don't have a motorcycle. All you have to do is fill out their online form, and boom! You're in. You don't have to pay any money to join either. But, you do have to pay money to get the back patch, pins, shirts, hats, etc.

Who are the Patriot Guard Riders? They're a volunteer group of bikers who provide a "rolling thunder" of riders accompanying funerals for fallen soldiers. It started up because of a religious group heckling families at veteran burial ceremonies.

The religious group started their heckling when a gay soldier was laid to rest. They protested and shouted to disrupt the service, and made the entire service ugly for the grieving family. Since then, this group goes around the country heckling as many veterans burial ceremonies it can, even if the solider is not gay. They're claim is that these soldiers died to keep America gay.

So, the Patriot Guard Riders formed to help provide protection during these burial ceremonies. Members come from all over the biker world, including riding clubs, motorcycle clubs, and independent riders too. In fact, you don't have to be a rider to become a member.

CNN published an article that reports on this religious group and why the Patriot Guard Riders formed.

The reason why the SCRC asked its members not to wear the SCRC patch at a Patriot Guard event, is because it doesn't want its name associated with any trouble that may arise.

You gotta figure if anyone from this religious group starts throwing stuff at a rider, that rider may take exception and retaliate. If there is retaliation, certainly someone with a video camera is going to tape it, and it's going to make the evening news. Even if wasn't an SCRC member that retaliated, he or she might still get on camera.

Worse, there could be a lawsuit.

And that's what the SCRC is worried about. The SCRC claims that it doesn't have any money to defend itself. I'm not sure what they do with the money they make selling patches, pins, and what not. But anyways, that's the issue.

Personally speaking, I don't think the SCRC as an organization would be held responsible if one of its members retaliated in such a way. Mainly because it's not a SCRC event. But that won't stop this group of fanatics from trying to sue them, and if that happens, the SCRC would have to spend money just to get the case thrown out.

Bottom line is this. If you're going to join a club and wear its patch, then you have to protect the good name of that club. If you're putting yourself into a dangerous situation, it's wise to keep the patch off.

Certainly participation in the Patriot Guard Riders is a noble act, in my opinion. I'm not trying to say it's not. It's too bad that you can't participate in these funerals under nicer circumstances. But if you think you can participate and still protect your club's reputation, then more power to you.

It's just that the SCRC has so many members, and they accept anyone and everyone into their ranks, even the most stupidest and arrogant of people, that they have a tough time protecting their reputation.


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