Amazing Deer Collision Story!

Here's a story about a guy who struck a deer with his Valkyrie Interstate and didn't even know it until he reached for the clutch le...

Here's a story about a guy who struck a deer with his Valkyrie Interstate and didn't even know it until he reached for the clutch lever and discovered it was missing...

He apparently struck the deer while he was looking in his rearview mirror and apparently didn't feel a bump or thump or anything. He dragged the deer carcass with him and left a trail of blood down the highway...
The only logical reason I can think of that I didn’t see the deer at all was because, one I must have done a mirror check at that precise instant, and two that section of highway is raised above ground to the right. So the only thing that makes sense to me is that I checked the road ahead, saw that it was clear, and then did a quick checked in my left mirror to check behind, and it was at that instant the deer came up from below on our right.
The bike started shaking after the deer got itself mangled up in the forks and frame, and so the rider decided to slow down and pull over. And he never even knew there was a deer on his bike, until after he got off!


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  1. HMMM I see some serious errors in that story he checked his left mirror looks like that is the one missing..... he didn't feel it... hmm headlight missing sounds more like a fish tale LOL

  2. It certainly does sound awfully incredible.

    So here's what I think happened...

    1. This guy was riding his motorcycle and found a dead deer that had been hit by another vehicle and drug down the road.

    2. He decides to pull over and try out a prank by pulling the dead deer underneath his bike.

    3. He sticks his hand into the dead deer and spreads its blood all over his motorcycle.

    4. Then he takes a hammer and beats the crap out of his bike's front end.

    5. Then he takes photos and shows them to his friends.

    What do you think?

  3. LOL Wow. :-) I didn't see this post before.
    Holy Cow - How do you not feel a deer???

  4. wake up my man that could have been a child and you still say you did not see it

  5. I'm on the seventh month of recovery from hitting a large doe. Twisted my left leg 180 degrees and besides breaking both bones, basically turned my inards into jam.After careening into oncoming traffic,I rode it out and put my sled down a half mile away where I found some nice,soft gravel for my sled.If I never SEE another deer....unlikely since I live in the woods but...A guy here in town did the same thing, patched up his bike and his leg, went for a ride and did it all over again. Finally sold his bike. The Sheriff at my scene thought it funny that my deer license was over my deer tag in my wallet... I was reallllll lucky but I can't understand someone hitting a deer and not knowing it.

  6. Hello Steve
    I would like use your deer accident picture in a school project. My school doesn't let me use any pictures without the permission of the owner. Is it okay to use it?

  7. He probably failed to notice the deer in the road not because he was "checking his mirror," but because he was so shitfaced drunk that he didn't even realize he was on a bike.

  8. I think he was so pissed that the deer ran out in front of his bike causing him problems and damage to his bike that he draged it out of rage and then decided to stop after his senses came back.

  9. That is not good but kinda cool.

  10. Ya This happened to my girlfriends dad it does happen and he keept the bike up



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