My Electra Glide, After One Year

I've been riding this Electra Glide Ultra Classic for one year now, here's what I have to say about it, after putting on about 19,00...

I've been riding this Electra Glide Ultra Classic for one year now, here's what I have to say about it, after putting on about 19,000 miles.

In short: I like it, but it has issues.

I bought the thing because my wife could never get comfortable sitting on the back of my Yamaha Road Star. Despite my buying two different sets of seats, and various combinations of passenger floor boards, back rests, and seat pads, she kept complaining about how uncomfortable it was.

So, when she sat on the Ultra Classic, she felt this was "Ultra Comfortable". I bought it.

The torque sucks however. Going up hills, with the woman on back, the bike just runs out of power. I did the Stage 1 mod, with V&H slipons, Power Commander III, and the Screaming Eagle air intake, and its certainly better, but still doesn't come close to the torque of the Road Star.

The Harley Wobble sucks. Granted, the Ultra Classic is meant to be a touring bike, not a sport bike. But when I take a curve pretty hot, the thing wobbles around really bad. I've had the thing checked over, the tires are properly inflated. It's the Harley Wobble.

I had warrantee work done on it twice. The first time, the spark plug threads came off of the rear cylinder head when the plug was pulled. Harley bought me a new head. The second time was when the engine light kept coming on. Turned out to be faulty wiring.

But I do like the bike, because for what a touring cruiser has to offer, it's a great bike. Lots of storage space. Great comfort. Plenty of protection from the elements with the full upper and lower fairing, and the tall windshield. The AM/FM Stereo with CD Player is a bonus.

I also like it because the wife doesn't nag at me while riding. Nothing ruins a great ride any more than a wife nagging you about her sore butt.

If I had waited another year, I could have gotten a 2007 model, with the 96" motor and 6-speed tranny. But I opted to buy the used 2005 that had served as the dealer's rental bike. I'm going to move forward on the 95" inch kit. A buddy of mine has installed these kits before, but he's been really busy with work. I may hire an independent shop to do it. That'll get me the extra power I've been looking for.

But we'll still have to deal with that damn wobble.


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  1. I also have a 2005 Ultra and found it lacking power so I hade a 95" kit instaled with a set of screamin eagle heads. Now I have lots of power. As for your speed wobble, make sure you keep your lugage packed properly. Keep all your heavy items in your side bages and keep it balanced between the two if posable. If that doesn't do it check in to a fork brace. Good luck.



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