Tim Allen Wants Motorcycle Crash Lessons

Here's gossip piece from StarPulse.com claiming that Tim Allen, one of the stars on the new movie, "Wild Hogs", wants lessons ...

Here's gossip piece from StarPulse.com claiming that Tim Allen, one of the stars on the new movie, "Wild Hogs", wants lessons on how to safely crash a bike...
Funnyman Tim Allen is begging the motorcycle experts who trained him to ride a Harley Davidson for new film Wild Hogs to teach him how to crash - because he doesn't want to risk injury now he's hooked on motorcycle.
Apparently his brother was injured on a motorcycle, and because of that, he's been skittish about riding.

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  1. Tim needs to learn how to ride safely so he doesn't need to "lay it down". I feel his concerns but he needs to take a BRC and join his local ABATE. I hate to say it but he will be a RUB but it is all good CBA/ABATE can always use his star power in the fight for Biker Rights

  2. I cant imagine lessons to crash safely. Avoidance is the only way to ride. Every one is out to get you, therefore alwas be prepared. It is when we get too confident and ignore risks that we will be put in a position of peril. Hopefully he will meet seasoned riders that will train him properly to keep the shiny side up.

  3. I've been thrown off of a bike twice, highside. And both times came out ok, the worst being a fractured wrist.

    On the other hand, I know a guy who laid his bike down purposely, and fell off lowside, to avoid hitting another downed motorcycle, and he ended up with his spleen removed, a broken pelvis, and about 30 days in a coma. He still can't walk without a walker.

    So, there really isn't a safe way to crash.

    My advice, is to learn the limitations of your bike. So many people focus on their riding skills, but fail to understand what their bike is capable of, and not capable of.

  4. Did the Tool man train to crash cars so he could feel safe in his hotrods?

    Seems like he plans to crash, an illogical way to approach riding.
    I grew up hearing oldtimers go on about "laying it down" but I prefer to retain traction and braking, a method that kept me unscathed for 40 years.


  5. Good point made by all. Learn to ride the RIGHT way!




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