Are Women Safer as Riders or Passengers?

I came across an interesting question from a male rider on a motorcycle forum, asking other women if they believe they are safer on the road...

Women on motorcyclesI came across an interesting question from a male rider on a motorcycle forum, asking other women if they believe they are safer on the road riding their own motorcycle, or as a passenger...

The guy rationalized that many of the women riders he witnessed are not caught up in the "ego" thing or the "macho" thing. That is, they put more value in safety and learning from each other. Therefore, if they bitch on the back of another guy's bike, then theoretically, they're just as bad off as men.

One lady rider named, "wildthing" said this...
But I don't feel being in the front or on the back of a bike makes one place safer than the other, if somethings going to happen it's going to happen. But after saying that there are always exceptions to the rule.
Another gal named "BikerBabe" made an interesting point...
To anwer your Q Ebay, I feel safer riding my own. Besides, the times I have ridden on the back, I have been known to occasionally swat the rider with exclamations to "watch out".....that alone could be a hazard.
A guy named "Old_Evo" pointed out that women riders tend to ride more slower, and therefore, opened themselves up to more danger...
My wife and I rode with Women on Wheels for many years and I believe all of the above to be true. My only complaint with many of the women riders and my wife is that at times they are too timid. They will ride at the posted speed and settle in behind cars and trucks when IMHO it is a lot safer to give it some gas go around them and you are then riding out in front of all the traffic.
My personal opinion is that women are not any more or less concerned about safety than men. I guess it all depends on who you ride with. I've seen gals wearing novelty helmets, put more emphasis on their appearances, and enjoy showing themselves off as sexy kitties on the back of a Harley. Women are not necessarily into a "macho" thing, but they are definitely into an "ego" thing.

Guys will tend to ride more cautiously when a woman is on the back, for one because they don't want their woman to get hurt, and two because they don't want to show her that he's fallible as a rider. On the other side of the coin, wives and girlfriends often say that they have full trust in their men, and that in turn causes men to pull out all the stops in riding safely.

A gal may not be safe on the back of a bike if the guy riding it doesn't have good control of a bike with extra weight and height, however.


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  1. Personaly, women are safer as passengers then as riders. There are many discusion topics like this on Most of its bikers believe women are safer as a passengers because the rider always pay much more attention to the passenger's safty while riding.

  2. Good thing personal opinions arent fact.
    Women are big time into the ego and 'look at me' aspect of riding their own. Their only objective is to look cool and attract male attention.
    Then you have serious female riders who are in it for the passion, the wind, the sisterhood, the riding!
    If they would only drop the 'kitty' role (love that term btw) and just concentrate on being educated riders. What a difference that would make.

  3. Along with what bikerb said, Men would be safer on the back of a bike with a woman at the controls. The only time anybody is "safer" is when the person riding has experience and is paying attention at all times.

  4. Hook, you say "The only time anybody is "safer" is when the person riding has experience and is paying attention at all times."

    May I just add one real important factor here. All riders regardless of gender and where they are positioned on the bike will be "safer" when all those that have a motor vehicle license are trained and educated about how bikers use the road, where they are located, where you should be looking for them and the main point THAT YOU SHOULD be looking for them. "Look twice adage" Then maybe all riders will be "safer"

  5. Male or female, some people belong on the front in control, some as passengers and some not at all. It's not the gender it's the ability. In order to be safe as a passenger one must be a safe passenger. Some people cannot grasp the concept that the rider is the one who should be controlling the bike. Some people were never meant to ride a bike at all despite having obtained a license to do so.

  6. I have been riding for years, and personally, take offense at generalized opinions that apply to women riders. How can you say that women are safer as passengers? Anyone who is big enough to control a bike, takes the time to learn to ride, and wears the appropriate apparel and gear, can ride a motorcycle.



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