Biker Passing Another Biker on the Road

What's the proper thing to do when a biker wants to pass another biker within the same lane? This question came up on a forum, where a ...

What's the proper thing to do when a biker wants to pass another biker within the same lane?

This question came up on a forum, where a Ducati rider bitched and complained because a group of Harley riders wouldn't let him pass by...
So I am on the Ducati board and they are bashing Harley riders left in right. One guys says he was driving down the Blue Ridge Parkway and a bunch of Harley Riders were doing the speed limit and they wouldn't pull over the right side of their lane so he could pass them in their lane. So he had to pass the unskilled riders by going over the yellow line. Then he bitched because he gave him the finger.
Read the whole thread here...

The Blue Ride Parkway is in North Carolina, and I don't know North Carolina statutes. In California, on the other hand, lane-splitting is not illegal, and this is basically what this scenario constitutes.

If the Ducati rider couldn't get by, then tough shit. There's no law saying the Harley riders are required to pull over, unless they were slowing down a line of vehicles behind them. But since this was just one Ducati rider....

On the other hand, it's courtesy to let faster vehicles move on by. I do try to let faster moving bikes move by me when I have the room. But then again, if this is on a twisty road, then I want the whole lane to myself. If I'm ruining your ride, too bad.


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  1. My personal experience...if you want to pass me, motion so and I'll move over and let you go around.

  2. Hi Agian from NC Steve. Lane splitting is not on our books here that I am aware of but it is commonly done. Lane sharing on the the other hand is legal but not recommended. As for the BRP it is a scenic byway that is meant to be traveled at 45 MPH and has numerous spots along it's twisty path for slower/faster vehicles to share thier direction. I feel the Ducat's pain as I know those bikes are built for speed, but I think he needs to realize that the BRP was not and I think he needs to slow it down and enjoy the view before a twisty takes his view permanently

  3. No vehicle travelling at the posted speed limit is obligated to move over to allow a lawbreaking "speeder" to pass. They might have saved him from getting an expensive ticket.

  4. So the "Duck" rider wanted to pass a "Group" of UNSKILLED riders? Lets see....The "group" was doing the speed limit and the DUCK rider passed on double yellow lines...on a twisty road(the tail of the Dragon?) Sounds like the Duck rider was a squid being UNsafe on a public road! The Duck rider will be more likely to be found in a ditch or over the edge practicing UNsafe riding skills and giving a BAD image to the non-motorcycle public!

  5. Like NC Steve said....the Blue Ridge Parkway is mostly 45 mph. The limit is set for a reason: it's a scenic tour of our beautiful mountains not the AUTOBAHN. If you want to ride at unsafe speeds go somewhere else!



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