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In the 2007 edition of Aerostich's "Rider Wearhouse Catalog", there is a feature on "Vegan Gloves". These are glov...

In the 2007 edition of Aerostich's "Rider Wearhouse Catalog", there is a feature on "Vegan Gloves".

These are gloves manufactured without any animal skins or animal products so that they're "vegan friendly".

I guess what caught my attention is that this is the first time I've seen a motorcycle product advertised as being "Vegan". After searching Google for more vegan motorcycle gear, I realize now the concept of veggie bikers has been around for awhile. I guess me and my meat-eating lifestyle has caused me to be ingnorant of this faction of "motorcycle enthusiasts".

The gloves themselves are nothing out of the ordinary. They're the same gloves you find in a lot of places. They're made with Kevlar, and I imagine other materials produced in a laboratory or grown from a bush. The only difference is the marketing approach.

If you wanna see something funny, Aerostich will sell you a bottle of leather smell to apply to your vegan riding gear. This way vegans can at least smell like they've caused the death of some cows.

There's even a web forum of vegan riders. I haven't found a vegan motorcycle club, though I imagine there's gotta be one around. I wonder if their patch shows a carrot riding a motorcycle?

So, will this mean my favorite biker bars will soon be adding tofu cheese and raspberry smoothies to their menus? Well if it's going to happen somewhere, it'll happen here in Southern California first. My bet is on the Rock Store. I'll keep my eyes open.


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  1. hmmm, tofu cheese that doesn't cause a baby cow to be ripped from the side of its mother one week after being born to be auctioned off to veal farms where it will spend the rest of its short miserable life in a confinement reeking of accumulated urine and feces and death and with nary the spare square inch for even turning around before it's sent to the slaughter. if someone crammed your free-as-a-bird biker @$$ into conditions such as those just so they could enjoy a tasty slice of yellow american wonder how grateful you'd be to those of us choosing the aformentioned tofu cheese?? and by the way, far more common are soy- and veggie-cheese, @$$tard.

  2. akp1107 why are you calling the guy names? he wrote a fairly unbiased article. he didn't even take any cheap shots for humor value, and he admitted to being ignorant. after a number of years i've learned that making veganism inviting to omnivores does much more for the animals than unwarranted aggression and name calling. veganism is awesome, and something to feel good about. we should encourage everyone to try it. p.s. i think i'm gonna buy these gloves.

  3. No "cheap shots for humor value"? Are you serious? What do you think those comments about tofu cheese and raspberry smoothies were? Sheesh.

  4. One of the biggest challenges with finding vegan riding gear is the simple fact that companies don't understand how many of us there are, and therefore they don't find it cost effective to stop using "leather reinforcements" on their Clarino Palms. This article seems to somewhat neutrally address that and doesn't really need some PETA rant. I think we should be happy that, while he may make a joke or two, a non-vegitarian recognizes our problem. I think the title shows the intent pretty well.

  5. I dont think that was a cheap shot, just light humor. Ease up, man! This is why so many vegans have the rep of being contentious but not everything is a fight. I agree that veganism is and should be seen as positive. We fight against unethical treatment but hopefully don't have a chip on our shoulders. Im a vegan biker and I thought it was amusing.

  6. If you can't take some ribbing as vegan, you may want to become a hermit. I am a vegan Army officer (an operator no less) who is also a biker, and competitive bodybuilder. We all get teased a little. We are the minority, and a largely misunderstood one. We don't make any friends by attacking. Just laugh it off and move on. Come on, don't be THAT vegan. Nobody enjoys him or her.

  7. Hey Anon, I know it's been a while since your comment, but I'm a journalist and would love to talk to you about your veganism as it relates to your biking and experience in the Army. If you happen to come back to this page, let's get in touch!

    That actually goes for any other vegan bikers who may have commented, or may come across this post. You can reach me at vegngrrl [at] gmail [dot] com.

  8. It isn't about one joke, it is the constant jokes. Most of it comes from a good place. People dealing with their own discomfort and unsure about how to approach it, but day after day, week after week, year after years, it becomes too much. It does get boring being the joke and not taken seriously.
    It is hard to find clothing, personal care items, places to eat that and so much more that are vegetarian safe. Things like eating a meal out with friends and there are no options other than the salad and being told well choose a meat dish, we will leave the meat off and oh yeah charge you the same price becomes insulting.
    Then there is also the BDSM community. There are a lot of people who are into play that don't want to use products that harmed a non consenting living being. Thank goodness for the new Neoprene and other vegan friendly products.

    If we even forget about being vegan. Leather products are treated with toxic chemicals and many people suffer burns and rashes coming into contact with them. When they become wet, our skin absorbs those chemicals at a much faster rate.

    I am not a biker... yet, but I have friends who are. I would drink a raspberry smoothie, but more than likely while punishing a very thirsty slave. ;)

    There are several vegan biker clubs now. Join one today and find out how to meet other fun bikers.

  10. Hi!
    I am the president of a Vegan Biker Club ( here in Brazil.
    Contact us



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