Why Did You Join HOG?

A thread I found interest in reading asked HOG members the question why they joined Harley Owners Group (HOG). http://www.westcoastbikers....

A thread I found interest in reading asked HOG members the question why they joined Harley Owners Group (HOG).


Probably the largest manufacturer-sanctioned riding club, members of HOG are either passionate about the club, or apathetic. Here are some of the responses...

Scorpion: Personally, I originally joined HOG to meet new people to ride with and that did happen. I"ve met and made many new friends throughout the years.

Ended up holding most positions during those years. Now I'm an advisor at the local chapter. Don't get me wrong, I like it. I feel I've done my share and now I get to assist with the various decisions that arise at the primary officer meetings.

Stratlingr77: My HOG experience wasn't all that great and while I maintain my national membership, I won't sign up for any local chapters. Here's why: The local chapters (notice my use of the term in a plural context) I checked out struck me as very clique-ish and VERY poser-ish. There were, of course, the core group of hard-core touring folks, but most of the people just bought Harleys so they could say they owned a Harley. Most of the people I encountered through HOG didn't relish riding their bikes as much as they relished riding to the bar/coffee shop and TALKING about their bikes.

Dohmixer: Instead of being able to enjoy the ride and the scenery around me I found I had to focus on the group around me. Not able to look around and enjoy the scenery and wondering why the leader was leading us into various bottlenecks up ahead.
I maintain my national HOG membership for the roadside assistance & nice road atlas they send every year. As far as my local chapter, I keep up the membership for the 10% discount at the shop and occasionally there is a pre ride I feel like going on.

Bubbatd: I have always believed that HOG is geared around new and novice riders to get them started in experiencing the world of motorcycling. (And to spend monies at the dealerships) We need to understand that these are, for the most part, motorcycle enthusiast and are learning, if I may say, the ropes. It's all new to most of them and thus all the chit chat about their bikes, leathers etc...

Maverick: I joined to get the road benefits. I joined the local chapter to meet other riders. Yes, the rides can be a little boring depending on the leader.

I will continue to ride once a week with them but I doubt I will renew my local membership. Too clicky, too much politics and a lack of backbone to stand up and complain about the points.

I pretty much got a similar sense when I bought my Harley. The dealer invited all of the last couple months worth of new buyers to their "New Buyer Party". It was mostly a "HOG Song-and-Dance" presentation. It was very "Happy Happy" and "Let's Go Team" like.

I asked them how many bikes normally show up to a ride, and they said usually 50 bikes. This is a club where you're automatically a member when you pay your fee, regardless of what experience you have (or lack of experience). And with 50 bikes in a group, many of them newbies, forget it! I'm not riding with them.

But clubs like these do serve a purpose. There are other riding clubs and motorcycle clubs that are difficult to get into because of their tougher-stricter membership protocols. So, clubs likes HOG, Star Touring, and the SCRC offer membership to these people.


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  1. went to hog rally and 105th anv. and found it to be a mess, no police to regulate traffic, hog members had a lottry to get into museum or ride in parade, we rode from columbus ohio to attend and found it to be a $65.00 a piece ripoff, reguardless of what the hog mag said, sam george, columbus, ohio



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