The Reason Why Lane Splitting Needs to be Legalized

Take a look at this video, and you'll understand why it's important for states to legalize lane-splitting... http://www.myfoxphoeni...

car hitting a motorcycleTake a look at this video, and you'll understand why it's important for states to legalize lane-splitting... VSTY&pageId=1.1.1

A off-duty Arizona highway patrol officer slammed his car into the rear-end of a motorcycle on I-17 in Phoenix. The guy sitting on the motorcycle was catapulted off of his bike, and then run over by a semi-truck.

Because the State of Arizona does not permit lane-splitting, the motorcyclist was forced to sit in traffic and put himself at risk. Had the law permitted him to split lanes, this would have never happened.

Arizona seriously needs to legalize lane-splitting, considering how congested their freeways are in the Phoenix-metro area.


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  1. lane splitting has nothing to do with this crash. The crash happened at 1:30am and it is my understandind the cop was doing over 100mph and might have been impaired.Besides If the bike was stopped in traffic why is there no front end dammage to the bike from it hitting the car that was supose to be in front of it.With the force it took to imbed the bike into the front of the car it would have pushed the bike at least a few hundred feet down the road if the bike had been at a stop.
    As a side note if your not willing to do what it takes to stay alive and ride (and that includes telling the judge paying a fine is better than being dead) then you need to get off the bike.

  2. Ask any Police Motor Officer, or just watch them - they know it's safer between cars, and moving to the front of stopped traffic rather than risk being hit from behind.

  3. Been riding since 1958, 27 years Europe alone where lane split is common.Keep all saftey rules in mind, be aware of other drivers, I do rt turns in front of morons blocking rt lane in 2-3 laner waiting for traffic lite but alway wave and horn acknowledge, never say they are idiots to their faces.Also squeeze thru on rt side ditto if room is adequate, true I have badge but this is common for skilled riders in euro cities.Also parking on sidewalks, not blocking passage or doors for emergency exits very common. We are under utilising sidewalks, the bigger is better American mentality...SUV,Supersize meals, etc... think smaller.Perhaps we believe the citizen can't be trusted?????

  4. I found this video that made me think of the importance of severe laws for car drivers.

  5. Wow man, that was an astonishing video, the fact is that those accidents are happening and no one is doing anything to prevent them. sad reality.

  6. I saw the video Motorcycle Fairings post and is very crude. but he is right. bikers need more protection.



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