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They say that admittance is the first step towards healing. Actually, before I use the word "biker", I'd like to say that I ...

They say that admittance is the first step towards healing.

Actually, before I use the word "biker", I'd like to say that I use that word loosely. Some guys deserve that label more than others based on their skills and their life-long devotion to riding motorcycles. Some of us just ride motorcycles for fun.

But anyways, I pretty much grew up around computers. My step-father was a computer technician, and repaired and built them as a career. I've used all kinds of computers.

In my teens, I came to the realization that I was a computer geek. You see these stereotypes represented on television sitcoms and movies and realize that they're doing the same things I was doing, playing computer games, writing software, copying and trading software with other geeks, and hacking into computer systems whereever we could find them.

The only thing, however, is that I didn't wear glasses, and I actually had girlfriends (who were not computer geeks). So, I always kept that in the back of mind as a way of making myself feel better.

After highschool graduation, my parents bought me a used motorcycle. It was my graduation present. The thing didn't actually run. But my step-father knew he could fix it, and even showed me how. So now, I'm riding a motorcycle.

That motorcycle got me several girlfriends. It was the best weapon I had for winning over the chicks. And it was just a little Kawasaki KZ400. But I guess women don't really understand the subtle differences that men see when it comes to motorcycles.

But anyways, these girls used to refer to me as a "biker". And at the time, I didn't think about it much. I rode a motorcycle, hence, I'm a biker.

In college, I studied music. I actually considered myself a musician. I rode a motorcycle, and I played a guitar. I thought that was cool. As it turned out, however, music was just a passing fad for me. I lost interest in it, and found myself going back to the computer.

I thought, "yeah, I guess I really am a computer geek".

But I still liked riding my motorcycle. Things changed however, as I got a full time job working in an office. I needed to wear a shirt and tie, and my motorcycle was still my only mode of transportation. When it rained, things got difficult for me. So, I bought a pickup truck. And then I got married. And then, riding that motorcycle just didn't happen much.

But fast forward to my life today, and I'm back to riding motorcycles again. I keep thinking back to those college days, how much I loved riding back then, and realizing how much I love riding now. I realize that it never went away.

So now, I find myself riding every weekend with the folks in our club, and riding during the week with other friends, and putting on 30,000 to 40,000 miles each year on my two motorcycles. I ride for fun, but I also ride as part of my business, and I ride to hang out with my friends, and ride to run errands even.

But I still love computers too. That's largely my business these days.

So I guess I'm a biker computer geek.

Let the healing begin.


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