Anaheim Police Busting Loud Pipes

The City of Anaheim is getting tough on bikers by targeting those making loud noise and then busting them for modified exhaust. This issue...

The City of Anaheim is getting tough on bikers by targeting those making loud noise and then busting them for modified exhaust.

This issue raised anger across the biker forums in Southern California because a lot of bikers pass through Anaheim, specifically down a stretch of road called "Imperial Highway", on their way to Cook's Corner, a popular biker hang out in Orange County.

This particular stretch of Impertial Highway lies between Yorba Linda Blvd on the north, to Nohl Ranch Rd on the south. This includes about 3-4 miles of straight road with no stop lights, running through a residential area, and which cars often reach 75mph, forcing everyone else to maintain a similiar speed.

And when bikes have to accelerate up to that speed, it always results in loud noise.

A friend of mine passed along a scanned image of a letter that's being handed out by Anaheim Police to all bikers they pull over....

To sum it up, it's addressed to "Dear Motorcyclist", and says that they're writing on behalf of residents complaining about loud motorcycles. Specifically it warns that if you're planning to ride through their town, you had better make sure you put your stock exhaust system back on.

NEVER MIND the fact that these residents knew they were living right next to a highway where cars race up and down at high speeds.

All of Southern California is experiencing sky rocketing population boom, and this particular place in Anaheim has a residential area with retail and industrial just a block away. This is one of the most heavily trafficked highways in Anaheim, and it's not because it's a great road, it's not. It's just the most convenient road to get from north county over to Cook's Corner.

Places like Anaheim have come to a point where its urban areas are so dense with population, retail, and industrial, that it's an oxymoron to say that residents there are entitled to quiet. It's like living underneath the flight path of a commercial airport, and complaining about the jetliners (Newport Beach are you reading this?)

Urban areas are SUPPOSED to be noisy, it comes with the territory.

If you want peace and quiet, move out to the sticks, like everyone else. Just because you've always lived there, doesn't mean you can have your way with everyone else. Anaheim has become so densely populated, and so developed with retail and industrial, that noise is a fact, not a problem.

Anaheim is already the 10th largest city in California, with 342,210 people (according to Wikipedia), and is the 56th largest city in entire USA. And I imagine with shoppers, workers, and passers-by, there's ten-times that many people in a single day. How do you tell a few million people within a 50 square mile area to "keep it quiet"?

You can't.

The residential area that runs along this small stretch of Imperial Highway is not that big, when you consider it's only those people whose homes back up to the highway. And not all of them are complaining. It's really just a handful of complainers. Yet for whatever reason, the Anaheim PD has really come to their aid.

Me thinks the Anaheim PD is not really concerned about enforcing peace, but are interested in busting more bikers. They recognized the high number of bikers travelling down this road, and found an easy way to dish out tons of tickets.


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