Anaheim Police Busting Loud Pipes

The City of Anaheim is getting tough on bikers by targeting those making loud noise and then busting them for modified exhaust. This issue...

The City of Anaheim is getting tough on bikers by targeting those making loud noise and then busting them for modified exhaust.

This issue raised anger across the biker forums in Southern California because a lot of bikers pass through Anaheim, specifically down a stretch of road called "Imperial Highway", on their way to Cook's Corner, a popular biker hang out in Orange County.

This particular stretch of Impertial Highway lies between Yorba Linda Blvd on the north, to Nohl Ranch Rd on the south. This includes about 3-4 miles of straight road with no stop lights, running through a residential area, and which cars often reach 75mph, forcing everyone else to maintain a similiar speed.

And when bikes have to accelerate up to that speed, it always results in loud noise.

A friend of mine passed along a scanned image of a letter that's being handed out by Anaheim Police to all bikers they pull over....

To sum it up, it's addressed to "Dear Motorcyclist", and says that they're writing on behalf of residents complaining about loud motorcycles. Specifically it warns that if you're planning to ride through their town, you had better make sure you put your stock exhaust system back on.

NEVER MIND the fact that these residents knew they were living right next to a highway where cars race up and down at high speeds.

All of Southern California is experiencing sky rocketing population boom, and this particular place in Anaheim has a residential area with retail and industrial just a block away. This is one of the most heavily trafficked highways in Anaheim, and it's not because it's a great road, it's not. It's just the most convenient road to get from north county over to Cook's Corner.

Places like Anaheim have come to a point where its urban areas are so dense with population, retail, and industrial, that it's an oxymoron to say that residents there are entitled to quiet. It's like living underneath the flight path of a commercial airport, and complaining about the jetliners (Newport Beach are you reading this?)

Urban areas are SUPPOSED to be noisy, it comes with the territory.

If you want peace and quiet, move out to the sticks, like everyone else. Just because you've always lived there, doesn't mean you can have your way with everyone else. Anaheim has become so densely populated, and so developed with retail and industrial, that noise is a fact, not a problem.

Anaheim is already the 10th largest city in California, with 342,210 people (according to Wikipedia), and is the 56th largest city in entire USA. And I imagine with shoppers, workers, and passers-by, there's ten-times that many people in a single day. How do you tell a few million people within a 50 square mile area to "keep it quiet"?

You can't.

The residential area that runs along this small stretch of Imperial Highway is not that big, when you consider it's only those people whose homes back up to the highway. And not all of them are complaining. It's really just a handful of complainers. Yet for whatever reason, the Anaheim PD has really come to their aid.

Me thinks the Anaheim PD is not really concerned about enforcing peace, but are interested in busting more bikers. They recognized the high number of bikers travelling down this road, and found an easy way to dish out tons of tickets.


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  1. The above photo was taken, and my group was pulled over, at the top of the hill south of Nohl Ranch, not far from the city border with the city of Orange.
    This is an insane place for them to stage, as they are taking sound readings about 100-200 yards from the top of the hill. It is a 35mph speed limit, so the bikes are geared down and heavy on the throttle. I don't think a stock Eliminator 125 would pass below Anaheim's 81db limit under that situation. Federal standards are for the reading to be taken 50 feet perpendicular to the bike's direction of travel, with the bike moving straight and level at 55mph.

    The complaining residents that have circulated the petition are from Peralta Hills.

    I'm not saying that the residents along the high-speed portion of Imperial are not now also complaining, they may be jumping on the bandwagon, but the segment of Imperial that was being monitored in July was at the top of the hill.

  2. If the sound of loud bikes are so soothing, then why did the CEO of H-D confessed to this recently?..."Looking into the science of sound, the perception of sound varies according to multiple factors; volume is the single factor that most often sends hearing from barely noticeable to unbearable. Understandable. That's why many riders are fitting themselves with earplugs for longer rides. But what's really interesting is that the sound impulses we generate ourselves seem less of a nuisance than those generated by others."

    Get real guys, there's such thing as ear splitting dangerous noise and some of your bikes are doing just that to the detriment of the weel-being and health of others.

  3. I am a biker and don't see any reason to put loud annoying pipes on my bike. I live in the country and whenever a bike goes by with those loud pipes my 1 yr old jumps and starts to cry. Some of those bikes don't sound as though they have exhaust at all. In my opinion stock pipes are the only way to go, and loud pipes are made for those who feel they need inflate their image.

  4. The correct area of concern is from Nohl Ranch Road south to the city limits of Orange. The speed limit there is 40 mph and it is strictly enforced. When many of the residents in that area purchased their property, Imperial Highway did not go through to Orange and there was little traffic and no motorcycles with loud pipes. This problem developed recently when the road was extended into Orange, and the residents have a legitimate complaint. They are not anti-motorcycle, and neither are the cops. The letter was handed out over a 3 month period to avoid issuing citations, and I have been told that in reality very few citations have been issued. Most of the motorcyclists riding that area understand the issue and have cooperated with the police. To those the residents owe thanks. To the others...remember, loud pipes are unlawful and the police are just enforcing the law.

  5. The loud bikers are assh*les. Bust them, over and over and over please.

  6. The P.D. needs to start ticketing the boom boxers out there that are annoying at the stop lights. How about ticketing the people who cut us riders off on purpose. How about we riders all start wearing our helmet cams to bust those that really need to be busted screwing around on the public roads. How about the P.D. really get something more important to do than lie in waiting just for a rider to come by. I pay my road taxes... I have a right to ride them. California Laws are so screwed up when it comes to riders rights. We use less gas, are better for tne environment when it comes to gas. P.D. is just looking for a lazy way to make money.

  7. It's pretty sad when people think they have some sort of right to disturb others.

    I've ridden bikes (all quiet) for close to 30 years. I've never ridden to "make a statement". I ride because it pleases me.

    In many places, loud bikes used to be few and far between - occasional annoyances not rating large-scale enforcement. But now, with every pot-bellied baby boomer trying to be a half-assed bad-ass, the problem is epidemic.

    Ditto for the 1000-watt car stereo crowd.

    I say seize illegally-muffled vehicles (no matter how many wheels) and shut down dealers who sell the illegal equipment.

  8. It is simple: in California anything that helps revenue enhancement for government is good. Ticketing for loud pipes is a good example. Think the Assembly isn't for sale? Ask yourself why California has such terrible pavement for motorcycles. The answer: the highway paving contractors assn simply paid off the assembly (reelection campaign funds) to not have to finish the job of repaving. They sold it to us by claiming they carved "raingrooves." something that doesn't exist in Eastern Oregon and Washington where it really does rain.

  9. Be thankful that the Anaheim PD is being courteous enough to hand out warning letters rather than tickets.

    Modified exhaust pipes are a f*cking pain in the ass to those who have to listen to it on a daily basis. Bikers better realize that they are in the minority and that the general public wants to do away with unncessary LOUD NOISE.

  10. Living in west San Jose I grew angrier and angrier on the impotents that try to fix their frustrations with with their bikes' noise.

    It's a residential area, damn it! no highway around. These idiots find pleasure in making my room's walls tremble.

    And when they wake up my infant over and over again I feel like [autocensored].

    The cities must enforce noise laws, period.



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