Busy Day at Hells Kitchen

I had spent the entire morning working on my websites, and called up Ken to see if he wanted to ride up to Hells Kitchen and hang out for a...

I had spent the entire morning working on my websites, and called up Ken to see if he wanted to ride up to Hells Kitchen and hang out for a little bit.

Could not have been a better day to go riding, bright and sunny, warm about 90 degrees, but felt really nice when you're riding.

Hells Kitchen is a biker bar on Ortega Highway (Hwy 74), in the mountains above Lake Elsinore, CA. It's close, it's shady, and it's an excuse to go riding.

We got there, and I was amazed to see how crowded it was. I had never seen it so crowded before. I couldn't find a place to park my bike, and had to a ride around through the front and side parking lots a few times until another bike finally pulled out.

This was something, because there were worries that Hells Kitchen might go out of business. Last February, I posted an article here about some road work on Ortega Highway that had many bikers posting comments on various forums that they would not be riding it throughout the construction (scheduled to last 3 years).

If today was any indication, it doesn't appear the construction has done any harm. Since the construction began last February, most bikers have endured the construction zone and have come to realize that it's not that bad. Hells Kitchen is a great place to hang out with friends, and Ortega Highway is a great ride, construction notwithstanding.

It was just couple of weeks ago that Hells Kitchen opened up a full bar, and I found many customers ordering Jack-n-Cokes and Bloody Marys. I think that'll help keep customers coming back.

While we were there, members of a motorcycle club were handing out flyers for their poker run, of which Hells Kitchen was one of the stops. That kinda says Hells Kitchen is still an important hangout for the clubs in Southern California.

Maybe the construction was more about hype and hysteria. Or maybe, the SoCal biker community refused to let a great hangout wither away.


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  1. Jack n Cokes and Bloody Mary's. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. The majority of the RUBS that hang at Hell's Kitchen are weekend riders. Add alchohol to their lack of riding skills and they'll have the cops runnin stings up there in no time flat! But all you drunk yups go ahead and get drunk, the pigs will only be concerned with the Clubs anyway!

  2. If you want to know why Hell's kitchen is doing well, look at Tom's Farm. It all but closed down the Bike parking. Now all you see are bikers from way out of town saying "Where'd everybody go?"

  3. Tom's Farms was a RUB hangout to begin with - as was Crabby Bob's in Corona before them. RUB's find out what we already know - Da Man don't like motorcyclists getting together and having a good time. Of course it's always the few who ruin it for the many. Hell's Kitchen is a cool place during the week for lunch. Don't want to go when all the weekend warriors are out though.

  4. Stopped 4 dinner at Hell's Kitchen Friday night on the way out to the beach during 'happy hour.' Waited ten minutes for one of the inbreds working there to ask if we'd like a drink - ten minutes later, no drinks. Got the ol lady and kids up and headed out - on the way out the ditz actually said, thanks for coming! They were on some good stuff that night. NEVER goin to that cesspool again! Anyone ever seen the movie "The hills have eyes"??? It was probably filmed using the people who work at Hell's Kitchen!

  5. Hells Kitchen is a biker hang out, sure plenty of RUBS but if you are looking for quick service from a fresh pretty face go to McDonalds.
    This place was never intended to be a family or fine dinning establishment.

    As far as the construction goes, I think it is awesome. now I can ride past the cars at the break and get a good hard run through the canyon without having all those cars slowing me down. Don't try this if you are an inexperienced rider, you will be better off to have some of those car see you running off the side of the mountain. That way they can get you some help. LMFHO




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