Are Metzeler Tires Being Recalled?

There's a pretty good thread on HDForums concerning Metzeler tires, specifically those made in Brazil. Apparently, one person experienc...

Metzeler Tires from BrazilThere's a pretty good thread on HDForums concerning Metzeler tires, specifically those made in Brazil. Apparently, one person experienced a sidewall ripping open...
i have found out that the metzler tires from brazil are the problem. these tires were made 6-8 months ago. i dont have the dates. but please check your tires for side wear. I was told they have recovered most of the tires but the stealership still had two in stock and had removed them when i complained about the safety issue. this tire was only 3 months old when i bought it. it only had 3k on the tire
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The interesting line in the above quote is "I was told they have recovered most of the tires..."

I didn't know Metzeler had a recall. I checked the recall database at the NHTSA, and didn't see anything from Metzeler for the past several years. I'd like to know more details about this "recovery".

A buddy of mine had a 210mm rear Metzeler rip apart down the middle, showing the belt. He only had like 3,000 miles on it.


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  1. With no coomplaints being filed with NTSA, the tires which may be defective won't be recalled. Some times we take the time to complain, but do not help to fix the problem.

  2. Where on the tire can I find the location my tire has been manufactured?

  3. Kai, it actually says right on the side of the tire. I have a Metzeler front tire on my Road Star, and it says it was made in Brazil.

  4. Tire DOT codes are mysterious unless
    you have some reference data. In doing some research on the Metzeler failures attributed to tread separatations, I've compiled a webpage with the data for riders to determine where and when their tires were manufactured.

    I just put a new Metz on my VTX front and find it was manufactured in Italy, the 5th week of 2007. I've run Metzlers for years on GW's, a Venture, PC800 without any
    trouble at all. From what I can read from the HD group, Metzeler blames the failures on low tire pressures. Who knows?

    Anyway, the DOT tire code data is on
    and you are free to copy and publish it as you wish.

    Bob Wood aka Concho
    Stanton, CA

  5. i also have the metz tires on both of my h.d.s, but after the rear tire on my e-glide threw a piece of rubber about the size of a coke can i'm going back to dunlops, i cant take chances like this, it was down to the cord and my wife and myself were on the bike! after removing the tire from the bike a closer inspection showed that two more places were about to cut loose also, and it was not from low air pressure,i don't think, i always had 40lb in the rear and 36 up front. anyways just my 2 cents

  6. The problem as I see it is wider than this single forum indicates. I have read a number of accounts of failures with Metzler tires on other forums. These complaints mostly center around the ME 880. My take is that if you had a problem as I did then you should take the time (about 10 min.) to file a complaint with the NHSTA. The NHSTA of course will not take much stock in a single complaint so it is important that anyone having a problem should file.If there are enough complaints then there will be a reaction. Complacentcy is our biggest enemy.

  7. I have had Metzlers for years with out problems. From what I have found and what my dealer told me is that if you run the proper pressure you won't have a problem. Metzlers are supposed to be aired to the maximum that the tire states on the side wall. I was also told for every pound under inflated is equal to 50 degrees centegrade.

  8. Hey Concho,
    I tried your link for the DOT codes data but it will not come up.Can you repost the link or the data please? I looked at some ME 880's at the dealership and they were from Brazil, but wasn't looking for the date produced. From what I can tell from threads on HD Forum the tires in question were produced in Feb., March and april of 2007.

  9. I have a metzeler 210 on my fxst and my tire presure is and always has been correct. But i also have issues with the tire on my bike. It has 4000 miles and is showing cord down the center. It looks as if it has been abused with burnouts but i have never done one.

  10. I have a set of Metzelers ME880 on a GL-1800 and I have a huge amount fo "Cuppping" in the front tire...I have been keeping if @ the correct air..even now have Nitrogen in them...does anyone have the contact numbers for the Metzelers company office?

  11. Here's an article I wrote about the recall:

  12. I have a bulging problem on a Metzler 300mm rear tire @3000 mi and am wondering how many others are having the same problem.

  13. Just put new Metzlers on my 96 Wing, now I have a harmonic which I never had as well as a lot of tire noise. The harmonic comes in around 55 and gets worse under load, getting off the throttle it quiets down. The rear tire is the issue, the front is ok.

  14. 117.000 miles in 26 months on a wing. I would like to think that I have dialed into the right tires for the wing.

    Up until lately, stoner front and metzler rear. I keep having issues with the metzler including a very large goose egg leaving me stranded for more than 5 hours waiting for a tow truck. (We are traveling right now.)

    I am looking at the Metzler Battleaxe as my next choice, but may just test out the cobras. The Avon Venoms were shot inside 5,ooo miles (2 sets). I hope the Cobras last longer.

    1. Don't buy metzler tires just threw rubber off my rear tire which me and my wife on the back do not recommend metzger garbage tires

  15. I have put on two out of round Metzeler 880's- in the past two weeks. Made in Brazil. I cannot take a chance and tray another. I do know for a fact, that the Brazil Factory had problems in production, on all 880's, not just one size. This is a 140-80-17.
    My one to be replaced was a real piece of work as well- Metleler has lost me forever- too bad too- used to be good, with good tires.

  16. My wife and I road our harleys in the mountains last year I hit a big rock coming around a corner from bright sun to shade. I ran completely over the rock bending both rims. The front so badly the rim almost hit the fender.the tire held up fine. Didn't even blow it out.I limped it into the next town to a kawaski dealership were they took two tire hammers and beat the rim back to the tire.I rode the bike 200 miles two the nearest harley dealer and replaced rim. The tire was an 880 marathon.I have nothing but good things to say about metzler tires,but I do not know where these tires were made or when. I have about 10000 miles on the same tire and need a new rear.But now reading this forum I don't know.Going to have to check into this deeper.

  17. i,ve been using me880's on my h.d. for over 10years,front and rear with no issues.1up,2up,fully loaded tour bags,all kinds of weathertemps no problems,won't use any other and i've had pirellis,dunlops,avons,contis,i just prefer metz



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