Florida Proposes Reckless Motorcycle Law

The State of Florida is attempting to get tough on motorcyclists riding recklessly, with the introduction of a new bill in the State House o...

The State of Florida is attempting to get tough on motorcyclists riding recklessly, with the introduction of a new bill in the State House of Representatives.

HB137 2008 specifies that if a law enforcement officer charges a person with reckless driving, or driving 30mph over the speed limit, and who was riding a motorcycle at the time, the officer must arrest the rider, take him or her into custody, and seize the motorcycle, which will be subject to forfeiture under
Florida's Contraband Forfeiture Act.

If that person is convicted, the court will order the Department of Motor Vehicles to revoke their motorcycle endorsement, and leave them only with the ability to drive a cage.

I'm not familiar enough with Florida law to know if there's already a similar law for people driving a car recklessly.

If the bill is signed into law, it will take effect October 1, 2008.

The bill was filed last week.

Read the text of the bill here...


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  1. 1st...aren't there laws ALREADY on the books to punish a person (biker or cager) from driving recklessly, and 2nd, it's unconstitutional targeting one class of citizen.

  2. Good! I drive a Harley and a "cage" and I can't tell you how many times I've been passed by rides at 30, 40 miles an hour over the speed limit - and I travel 75 mph on the interstate. These idiots endanger their own lives AND the lives of other bikers. I say, take the bikes away from the idiots and fine them. Maybe they'll live longer and have time to grow up a little.

  3. There seems to be a hatred for fellow motorcyclists that exceed the posted speed limits that our government regulates. I believe it is in the best interest to shut down this bill. 1st.. it is unconsitutional targeting 1 class of citizen 2nd.. The governent has better things to target (poverty, jobs, growth in the economy, and a governent that does not put us in debt.)If we allow them to tells us how we can live our lifes they will go 1step further and tells how we can wipe our butts... "To be old & wise you need to yound & dumb"

  4. Now they just need to go after the old, fat, drunk harley riders and we'll all be safe. It is in fact those older, drunk cruiser riders who make up the majority of motorcycle accidents/deaths.
    Unfortunately, this law won't pass...and if it does it won't survive the courts. It'll just be more time and taxpayer money wasted by our wonderful Florida gov't.

  5. Just another way for the cops to impound another vehicle so they can buy their toys to play with! Vote this down...a reckless driving ticket is stiff enough of a penalty financially already. Now I agree with keeping both wheels on the ground. I've seen people fly past me doing wheelies at 70 mph. That definately is dangerous.

  6. go ahead and just give away every ones rights because someone offended you. Why don't you go with the mindset that every one lives in your world don! Next thing you know.. they will arrest you for doing 5 over! And where will you be then? Oh and btw.. even doing the speed limit can be considered reckless driving in certain conditions! Think before talking Don!

  7. It will never fly as written without including all manners of motor vehicles. Cars, scooters, motorcycles alike. You think that idiots only drive motorcycles? What about the illegal immigrants WHO DONT HAVE A LICENSE OR INSURANCE? Typical STATE OF FLORIDA BULL****!!


  8. All I can say is perhaps "Steve" should have looked up FLA laws before posting. Homework is important if you want to make a point. Instead, in my opinion all you have done is riled ppl with lack of detailed information. I am a rider and a 'cager' and I can honestly say if you risk your life...do it on your own turf and if not - be prepared to pay for it. I do not want to share the road with you. Here in Ontario we have similar laws, although not vehicle specific and signs are posted on most major highways informing of such. I say thumbs up.

  9. I get so sick and tired of all the negative talk from the Harley people about the way we ride......I wish i had a dollar for every Harley ive seen wodded up a mile from the bar they just left cause they were 2 drunk 2 handle ALL THAT POWER!! LOLOLOL I see way more drunk drivn Harley people than i do Sportbikes Wheelying down the highway....I dont like 2 ride with drunk people just as bad as uguys hate ridn with stunters....So Have another one and go 4 a ride!!! I hope this law doesnt pass!!!!!!!

  10. I agree with the post directed against "Don". We all need to think about what it really means when laws like this are created. Like us sports bike riders and stunter's or not, we don't like all the drunk Harley Riders doing Poker Runs either, but ya know what! I respect everyone as a motorcyclist because we are all on two wheels! We just happened to ride more than you guys since your bikes sit at the tavern all night. We must not let BIg Government step in and take away our freedoms discriminating against bikers like this! It is un-constitutional.

  11. HB-137's companion bill SB-802 passed unanimously
    through the Florida State Senate Transportation Committee. This is very sad and it's amazing that no one from the national motorcycle community showed up to express their opposition to this bill. Not even anyone from the whole state of Florida!!!
    Sport Bike riders be forewarned, if and when this law goes into
    effect in October, you WILL be targeted by law enforcement, profiled, and
    falsely accused even if you ride safe and sane, and never do any of these
    stunts. I am sure that law enforcement will make it a priority to help you
    rack up your offences so they can confiscate your bike. And since you have
    made no effort whatsoever to represent yourselves at these hearings, you
    will have no one to blame but the man/woman in the mirror. I wish you luck,
    you'll need it. This bill is well on its way to becoming law in October!!

  12. This is totally unconstitutional...
    and b-shit....

  13. ok, as of 6-10-2008 the bill was signed into law to start 10-1-2008 just in time for Biketoberfest here in florida!! I have seen no gatherings nor any real rider outrage....the clock is ticking..

  14. I think we should do something abot all this. I`ve was trying to get my endorsement but the way they were doing it before didn`t allowd me to doit because they test only once a week. Now we have to paid $200.00 for a class and to make it worst it take 3 days to finish this class. I`m sure we all work and it is very inconvenient for people like me working 6 days a week. at the same time this new laws in Florida are discriminating against riders. Why we have to paid 200.00 to get this endorsement when they can still test you the same way they did it before and paid exactly what we were paying before. I don`t have my endorsement and I was pull over last week by a state trooper after a crazy girl was trting to knock me down from my bike after she got me thinking I was a crazy kid because I was riding a sport bike the girl who was picking on me just accelerate and dessapear. For the cop surprise I am over 30 and later recognize the girl was picking on me. For not having my endorsement I get a citation to court because the new law specify this as a criminal offense and I was the one who get fine for careless driving. I`ve been driving and riding for over 20 years, never have a fine and encounter with some of the worst situations you can find on the road. Now I find my self in a situation where I ask my self if this laws are right or not. From my point of view all this crazy drivers here in Florida can go away with everything we will alway get pull over because we are the ones on the bikes. I think we should get together and start working against this law to revoke it and make them go back to start testing every body at the testing centers of course they don`t want to do it because they are saving money on the examiners and we are making rich some body else whos not the government. this law should be the same in all 50 states like the comercial drivers law. Tell me wich other state is like Florida to get a Motorcycle endorsement. Lets get together on this and show the government that we are citizens and we will fight for owr rights and against this discriminating law against riders. My e mail is Glasspeck@yahoo.com for those who want to get together with me and go against this new law.

  15. Has the fleeing and eluding of LEO's increased or decreased, since this law was passed?????



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