Harley Davidson Plans Temporary Factory Shut Down

Harley Davidson announced late today that it plans to shut down five plants for one week in November as a measure to cut back production. ...

Harley Davidson announced late today that it plans to shut down five plants for one week in November as a measure to cut back production.

The Business Journal reports...
The Milwaukee-based motorcycle manufacturer confirmed late Friday afternoon that it will close its final assembly plants in York, Pa., and Kansas City, as well as the company's powertrain operations in Wauwatosa and Menomonee Falls, and its Tomahawk Operations in Tomahawk for the week of Nov. 26.
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This news comes just a few days after Standard & Poor's downgraded the Motor Company's ratings outlook to negative, citing its weak guidance for the second half of the year.

Employees won't be receiving pay during the shut down, but will still have their health benefits.

The company is preparing for a drop in orders for the 3rd Quarter, expecting their production to fall to 86,000-88,000 bikes instead of the previously forecasted 91,000-95,000 bikes.


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  1. Not for nothing but I am not a "Biker" by the normal definition of the term, I bought my 1st bike 3 years ago and it was the 1st bike I ever rode. I bought a 2002 V-Rod. Now I didnt buy it to meet new friends or join a gang, I loved the way it looked so decided in my 38th year to learn to ride (Little did I know I bought the most Hated Harley ever produced). Love the bike. 98% of the HD dealerships I walk into either have No Vrods on the floor or when I ask about them the sales staff make condescending remarks about the Vrod Line and their Service centers lack the knowledge of how the new Technology works and how to repair it correctly. Not to mention the HD "Elite" on their Baggers and Fatboys find it important to come up and tell me Why my bike isnt a Harley (I dont care) and why the bike is terrible (some of the most closed minded people I ever met). I have several friends that are Sport Bike riders that love my bike and wanted to buy Vrods but when they dealt with the Sales Staff and their negative attitudes most of them decided against it. HD needs to crack down on their BAD dealerships, Lacking Techs in service centers and the ridiculous Back Order on 99% of the parts I have needed in the past. I will never buy another Harley and I know of several sales they have lost due to incompetent or stuck up dealership staff.

  2. You want condescending comments from HD elite, own a Sportster. I was treated like garbage cause I didn't own a real Harley. Dealers would put me last for service. After I sold my Sportster that was the end of the line with Harley. The treatment I receive lost me as a customer.

  3. Yell I have a 03 sporter and I have had so many Harley riders ask me why I got a sissy bike
    Well two years ago the wife and I were looking to buy another bike a touring size bike and had a Heritage Soft tail in sights and it cost $21,000 out the door
    Read the paper of a VTX 1300c for sale and wondered what it was
    Went to the local Honda dealer we know and ask to see one and wow ask what it cost and he ask what will you pay for it Wayne
    I looked at my wife she said $8,000 he said you got a bike
    A new 1 mile on the odo and could of brought almost 3 of these for what a Harley would of cost
    Good by Harley

  4. ggrimes2@yahoo.com9/02/2010 09:32:00 AM

    Harley has the same problem lots of brands like Cadillac have. Your base market is getting older and you've now alieniated most of the newer riders. I own 6 motorcycles (wife rides the Ultra Classic) the rest are pretty diverse. I prefer my BMW but my fav is a Moto Guzzi Le Mans. KTM and Ducati also in the garage. I tried to buy a Buell but dealer in Albuq is a tool, quoted me one price then when I showed up with a Cashier's check they wanted another $400 bucks. Delaer was rude, condensending and suggested I should buy a "real" Harley anyway. I bought the new BMW s1000 crotch rocket instead. My wife's Ultra rides OK for something with 1950's technology and any horsepower mods cost big bucks and are very limited by Harley. The continued threats of voiding the exteneded warranty the wife paid for if we make any changes not done by them is getting old. The V-rod is a great bike/motor combo but the old school folks refuese to adapt and deride anyone who even considers one. It's not a Harley is what I hear... Harley has had many great and profitable years to make upgrades/modifications and bring out a newer better bike while still keeping their roots. They choose instead to increase boardmembers bonus plans and sell more t-shirts and market the life-style! Most of these folks don't ride and don't understand the reasnons for riding. My wife's next bike for her graduation from MMI will be a Victory Hammer which has more american made parts than a Harley.



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