Sportster Discrimination at Harley Dealers?

A person going by the name "former_sportster_owner" posted a comment on this blog today claiming that Harley dealers would put hi...

A person going by the name "former_sportster_owner" posted a comment on this blog today claiming that Harley dealers would put him/her last for service because he/she brought in a Sportster...
You want condescending comments from HD elite, own a Sportster. I was treated like garbage cause I didn't own a real Harley. Dealers would put me last for service. After I sold my Sportster that was the end of the line with Harley. The treatment I receive lost me as a customer.
I guess I never considered this. Do dealer shops discriminate against Sportster owners and throw their favor to Dyna/Softail/Touring owners?

What about V-Rod owners? Are there are any "traditionalist" wrenches at Harley dealers that do the same thing?

Curious to hear your comments.


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  1. It's no different anywhere. Go buy a Mercedes Benz and they roll out the red carpet - buy a Saturn and you'll be lucky to see some clean tile. The guys buying the CVO bikes get the Red Carpet - buy a Sporty - nada, zip, zilch! F*ck the Stealership. Never buy new - the market is flooded with used. Have a local small shop wrench on your bike, not the dealership. Neither of my bikes has been to the dealership in the last 7 years - they go to the local wrench if I can't do it myself.

  2. Never had that happen and I've used 5 different dealers. Haven't always been happy with their service, but it wasn't because I ride a Sporty. In fact, I've had more than one service tech say nice things about my bike. YMMV. Each dealer/stealer is different. The Sporty is their bread and butter. It's what gets everyone hooked and waiting in line to part with bigger bucks for a bigger bike. If they discriminate against Sportster they are cutting their own throats, so to speak. Don't sell your Sporty, find another dealer.

  3. It's common knowledge that the dealers dish out the "Life Style " and swap in the "Chrome". They're not capable of doing any sort of technical service. Find a local wrench or buy the service manual and do it yourself.

  4. SSDD.

    Try pulling up to the service door with a shovel. Couldn't find where I was getting a short. The indies all around me couldn't figure it out either. Hate stealers so they were my last resort. Dude came out to look her over and basically said "We can't touch that. Our guys wouldn't know the first thing about it." It isn't the only time I was snubbed either.

    I had an H-D owner start up a conversation with me and I gave him a piece of my mind about dealers sh*tting on those who got them where they are today and he basically said H-D dealers don't have mechanics anymore. They're "techs." He said if it can't be hooked up to a diagnostic, they're clueless.

    Harley plays the tradition card in their merchandise and marketing yet dumps those who ride pre-Evos so it does not surprise me in any way that a dealer would snub a sporty to cater to the high-end bike riding customers.

    If you can't do it yourself, take it to an indie that will appreciate your business.


  5. I own a Sportster and have never felt any sort of discrimination at dealers. On the other hand, I've heard comments about Sportsters from a few big twin riders such as "half a Harley", "girls bike" etc... I guess that's what helps keep fragile and over inflated egos fed.

  6. I hate to say it, but you went to the wrong dealership.

    I bought my last HD at a dealer just outside of Phila, PA, I told them I wanted a Sporty, and that's what they showed me.

    I go in for service and it's first in, first taken, that's standard, making an appointment is a better idea though.

    I got in an accident, my bike was totaled, and sure, they offered me "big inch" models, but I told them I have my eye on the Nightster. Sure, just let us know when you're ready. There you go.

    Now, as to treatment from other riders, and the "half a bike" issue... I remind folks that 1200cc is considered to be 74ci, and for many years (shovelheads) 74ci was a "Big Inch" engine.

    Power to weight ratio? I'll twist my grip and leave alot of "real bikes" in the dust, and I can throw it into a turn in ways no sofa-glide could ever try.

    I know alot of HD riders start with Sportsters and then move to other models, dynas, softies, sofa-glides, and soforth... Me, I'm going into my second Sporty, and I bet my third HD will be a sporty also.

    I feel sorry for VROD owners... Water cooled? what the hell is that?

    And, how many years ago were we ragging on folks who electrict starts, hey real riders ride kickers, don't they? And now we're all EFI, where did all the carbs go?

  7. It is probably the specific dealer themselves. I have an '07 883C and I have recieved great service.
    The only comments made by the dealer is what many riders themselves say and that is eventually many 883 owners will convert to a 1200 or a bigger Harley. Though an 883 to me is enough for my needs.
    Every time I go in to the dealer where I bought my Sportster, I get a warm welcome and they are happy that I'm happy with my purchase.

  8. I got a 1200N I haven't had any problems with the dealer.

  9. A sportster is the real deal,two wheels and a motor.I own a 1986 883,which I purchased used in 1990.In the past 18 years,this bike has seen rain, snow,gravel, dirt roads,sand,drag racing,and some touring.It still looks and runs great today.As for the dealerships,maybe they should stick to selling pins,T-shirts and bandanas to the guys with big twins.



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