SuperSport Motorcycles Blamed for Death Rates

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety released some new figures that pinpoint SuperSport motorcycles as causing the lion's share of...

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety released some new figures that pinpoint SuperSport motorcycles as causing the lion's share of motorcycle fatalities.

Here's a link to an article on USA Today... 2007-09-10-Deadlybikes_N.htm

Here are some stats...

Number of deaths for every 10,000 registered motorcycles in 2005, by type of bike:

Cruiser: 5.7
Touring: 6.5
Sport: 10.7
Supersport: 22.5

Of course, I'm never the one to read this stuff at face value. I have to read between the lines and look for a rat somewhere.

I think we all understand that it's not the bike that kills the rider, it's either the rider, or some other driver. It's like saying that guns are responsible for killing people, when in fact, people kill people.

So, why would the IIHS want to pick on SuperSport motorcycles? It gives them justification raising insurance premiums. They want to raise premiums, so they publish statistics like this to explain why they're doing it.

But there's a bigger issue here.

If someone does something stupid while riding a motorcycle, and gets himself killed, why is that concern for us? Why do people feel as if that person had to be protected from himself? Why can't we let idiots get killed?

We were founded as a nation of personal responsibility, not community responsibility. Personal responsibility is what makes it possible to have individual freedom. Community responsibility demands that individual freedom be taken away for the good of the whole. That's what Vietnam & China is.

You decide what's best for our country.


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  1. Well, I'll call a spade a spade! I don't see Harley's, Goldwings, or Beemers riding wheelies down the freeway, but i see crotch rockets doing it all the time. it IS the riders, but it's those types of bikes they ride!!

  2. If a Goldwing rider wanted to do a wheelie down the freeway, he'd buy a sport bike.

    The bike itself isn't what makes someone do a wheelie, it's that someone who WANTS to do a wheelie. If need be, they'll do a wheelie down the freeway on a dirtbike.

  3. The guys pulling wheelies aren't the guys crashing and dying. Its the same type of person on the gullwing or the harley, SOME PEOPLE JUST DON'T BELONG ON MOTORCYCLES! there is just double the rate on sportbikes because they sell 3 times more than Harleys or gullwings, they are more popular for looks and price and performance. Nobody should be able to buy a motorcycle until they take a extreme riding course and extra lessons and should be very strict on riders, If you cant ride you shouldn't ride.



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