Are Leather Chaps a Biker Stereotype?

So today, I read a post on SoCal Cruzers that Dr. Phil, the politically correct nice guy television host, is looking for a "stereotypic...

So today, I read a post on SoCal Cruzers that Dr. Phil, the politically correct nice guy television host, is looking for a "stereotypical Harley Riding Biker", and apparently one of the prerequisites is that you must wear chaps...
My name is Sheldon,

I'm an Associate Producer here at the Dr. Phil Show.

I am currently working on the show taping next Tuesday, October 9th featuring 6 guests that have skewed judgments against certain types of people. We are currently looking for a Biker such as yourself who enjoys riding in his leather chaps, but by day is a career man (shirt and tie). We are hoping to show these guests that their perception is not always reality. We anticipate that they incorrectly judge you based on your appearance and would request that you come dressed in your leather chaps as a stereo typical Harley Riding Biker.
The emphasis is mine.

So what's the deal with chaps? Is that what THE stereotype is all about? I think if you go back to July 4, 1947, Hollister, CA, when the stereotype was born, you won't find anyone wearing chaps. If you look at those 1960's biker gang movies, you won't find chaps either.

Perhaps Sheldon should have sent this request to one of the 1%er motorcycle clubs around SoCal. Because if you want "stereotype", that's what the general public thinks of when they think of "Harley riding biker". But I don't think you'll find many chaps there either.

While I don't know the history of motorcycle chaps, my earliest recollection of them is when I saw a photo of The Village People, and that flamed out biker. For some reason, that's the image that got burned into my psyche whenever I think of chaps. Is that the stereotypical Harley riding biker that Sheldon wants?

Nah! My senses tell me that Sheldon is looking for a RUB. Or to be more correct, Sheldon's opinion is skewed by what the general public perceives as a stereotypical Harley riding biker. Sheldon thinks that chaps are part of the stereotype because that's what everyone else thinks.

Honestly, I don't know what the "stereotype" is. I've met so many bikers, and have seen so many more, that I can't put my finger on any one thing in common. Not even Harleys. I get people thinking my Yamaha Road Star is a Harley.

BTW, if you think you fit the bill, here's a link to Sheldon's contact info...


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  1. I think you're right about the Village People starting the biker chaps thing... Anyway, I'm taking the chaps with fringe and conchos off my Christmas list.

  2. Haha I say keep the chaps. I bought my ole man a pair, and even if we use them in the bedroom more than on the bike, they save your ass when your drunk ass dumps your bike or slides on some gravel on the road.

  3. Actually, the one thing chaps will NOT save is your ass, literally. They're only good from about mid-thigh down, and even then are usually only thin leather made to "look good at bike night", and nothing else...



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