Long Distance Riders Launches New Certfication Organization

A new long distance motorcycle riding certification organization launched yesterday, named appropriately enough, "Long Distance Riders&...

Long Distance RidersA new long distance motorcycle riding certification organization launched yesterday, named appropriately enough, "Long Distance Riders"...


It was created by a Jack Powis of Tallahassee, FL, a long distance rider himself.

He came up with the idea of launching a new long distance riding certification organization after he and friends expressed frustration with having to wait so long to get a certificate back from the Iron Butt Association. From there, the idea grew into becoming a more fun alternative to the IBA, offering something for a wider group of riders.

I spoke with him over the phone, "We want to create something more fun, with nicer looking pins and patches, and offer certified rides that more people can do", says Powis. Powis refers to the fact that he'll be certifying 500 mile rides in 12 hours. "A lot of people are riding 500 mile rides and would like for that to count for something".

Long Distance Riders will offer the following certified rides...

  • Easy Rider: 500 miles in 12 hours

  • Full Throttle 1000 miles in 24 hours

  • King of the Road 1500 miles in 36 hours

  • Born to be Wild a Coast to Coast ride in 48 hours.

To kick off the launch of Long Distance Riders, Powis and some friends will be doing a coast-to-coast ride from Jacksonville, FL to San Diego, CA this weekend, hoping to finish it in 48 hours.


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  1. 500 miles in 12 hours, Woohoo!!
    thats a play day! Who is this guy?
    other than a fl ss1000 whats he done?

  2. i bet it is not approved

  3. Isn't this a rip off of the IronButt Association (IBA)? They have been in existence since the early 1980's certifying these types of rides. I have been a member of the IronButt Association since 2000. It appears that you are doing the same thing (except for the 500 mile ride) IBA doesn't have one of those. I would love to see your response to this post.

    Bob St.George IronButt #248

  4. Isn't this a rip off of the IronButt Association? What credibility do you have in certifying people for these rides? Which in my opinion are exactly what the IronButt Association (IBA)offers. You have just changed the name of the basic rides, except for the 500 mile ride which the IBA doesn't offer. As is stated below "Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author". This will probably never make it to your blog.

    Bob St.George IBA #248

  5. This new organization will have difficulty gaining any respect in the long-distance riding community. With the skeleton and the beanie helmet and the "bad to the bone" logo, it has all the appearance of posers catering to posers. IF Jack Powis and friends actually ride from Jacksonville to San Diego in 48 hours, they may prove me wrong, but, for now, the serious long-distance riders are more likely to consider Mike Kneebone and the Iron Butt Association to be the true certification authority for LD riding.

  6. If I can get some LD logo fringe with that easy rider cert, I'm in.

  7. YGTBSM..... but if this amuses you, go for it. At $35 a crack, perhaps you can quite your day job. But I'm thinking you should probably hang on to it for now.

    As Bob St.George correctly observes, this seems little more than a rather thinly-veiled attempt to rip-off the IBA.

    Still, perhaps you'll attract some of the chrome-n-leather, do-rag crowd.... a 500-mile day would indeed be quite a feat for some of them....

  8. Whoa! This is what I have been looking for! 500 miles in 12 Hours, That would be a real challenge for me, with all the bars one would have to by-pass.

    Now that 1000 miles in 24 hrs. is impossable! No one can ride that far. Can I use my car for this?

    I`m certainly going to follow this site. I can`t wait to recieve my `patch`. Can I just pay extra for the patch and skip the ride?

  9. With the long wait for IBA, this guy sees a chance to make a quick buck.

    Bet he will take everybodys word for their conformation and we know everyone tells the truth..

    Certificate won't be worth the paper it's printed on.

    Jim "Indian Scout" Hoffman

  10. Hey, forget about longdistanceriders.net, I'm starting my own longdistanceriders.org. My prices will be lower and I guarantee to send your patch and certificate within one week of your check clearing. None of that pesky "witnessing" or "ride verification" to get in the way of your mean looking patch. Didn't really do the ride? Who cares! It's the patch that matters. Just send me a check and a form and you're on the Bad Ass Rider Hall of Fame listing.

  11. This is like the bimbo with fake boobs that try to look perfect and the hotty with real boobs that are perfect. While nice fake boobs are fine, give me the real boobs any day of the week. Its a nice attempt at copying the IBA, but it will never have the same prestige or feeling that the IBA has.


  12. Like the article said the guy founded this "after he and friends expressed frustration with having to wait so long to get a certificate back from the Iron Butt Association".
    You can't fault the guy for trying to offer something different than what is presently available through Iron Butt....give'm a chance and see what happens.....i just finished a 1300 mile ride and i've got "Baboon Butt" (and will have for a few more days' i'm sure!), so anyone taking these types of trips have my vote and admiration!

  13. So let me get this straight Ironbutt riders. You ride your bike a specified distance within a certain time frame to prove something too....?..then you send your money to some guy who made up his own special little club, to have him send you a patch so that you can be part of his special club? What makes him the "authority" on time restricted long distance riding other then he came up with a snappy name and patches? I say if someone else wants to do the same thing, good for them. Nobody needs to "approve" anything. Besides the fact that most real riders do not need a patch to show they can get on thier bikes and ride them.

  14. I have to say. I have not completed an IBA ride. I have, however, done 500 miles in a day-many times. I don't see where a 500 mile day can possibly be considered a long-distance ride. Well-not unless you are riding a bike that is so uncomfortable that 10-miles is a long distance.

    If I ever decide I want a certification for long distance riding, I will go to the IBA. It might take longer-but it will actually mean something.

    This guy seems to be trying to make a buck. A certification for a 500-mile day is a sign that he is more interested in bringing in $$$ than in actually advancing long-distance riding.


  15. 500 miles in 12 hours, what a bunch of pu$$ys. Whats next, 60 miles in one hour? Can't wait for that patch.

  16. Wow! Some of you guys sound like a bunch of whiny little bitches. Jelous? Afraid of the challenge? I happen to know that they made it with 2.5 hours to spare- that is a ride!!

  17. In response to Anonymous who said "Wow! Some of you guys sound like a bunch of whiny little bitches. Jelous? Afraid of the challenge? I happen to know that they made it with 2.5 hours to spare- that is a ride!!"

    Are you kidding me? 500 miles in 9.5 hours(12 hours minus the "2.5 hours to spare")is a RIDE?

    Come on! A 'Long Distance Rider' designation should require more than what could be accomplished by merely taking the equivalent of an 'early-morning-to-mid-afternoon-run'; there are many highways across the U.S. where the legal speed limit is 75 mph. Obviously, then, it would takes under 7 hours in the saddle to do 500 miles. Gas stops and a quick bite puts you at 8 hours tops.

    IMHO, no ride that one can start at sunrise and be back HOME by mid-afternoon should qualify someone as a "Long Distance Rider".

  18. Yea, I think he was referring to the 48 coast to coast.

    There is nothing wrong with TWO organizations that certify long distance runs. I understand that IBA has the history and is respected, but why bash someone trying to start something new? Who says he won't do all the due-diligence?

    I think competition in the market ALWAYS leads to better customer service and overall provides the means to improve the way business is done.

    I don't really mind IBA, LDR or whatever. It is the ride for me, but seeing some of these comments frustrates me. I see some of the same arrogance I see at the IBA forums which makes me wonder why I wanted to do my ss1000 in the first place.

  19. IBA promotes unsafe riding. 1500 miles in 24 hours requires BREAKNG speed laws. most people in america ride 100 miles on day trips over the weekend. 1000 miles is not an adventure its a chore, are u riding for pleasure or just miles for some patch. i have been riding for 25 years. i have logged over 200 thousand miles on bikes. its 640 miles from detroit to wash dc. 865 from detroit to norfold,va, trips most dont make for pleasure. so hearing that someone has reeled in reality and legality to 500 miles seems pretty smart. today they give medals for 4, 5 and 6th place. any accomplishment documentation of such nature is good for those who want to document it. i say good for u lond distance. IBA can whine all they want.

  20. fa kikit lets go for a ride. when you gotta be back work lets go



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