Michigan Helmet Law May Be Repealed

Michigan's legislature is close to sending the governor a bill that would allow motorcyclists to opt out of the State's helmet law b...

Michigan's legislature is close to sending the governor a bill that would allow motorcyclists to opt out of the State's helmet law by purchasing a $100.00 permit.

The bill would also provide a volume-discount option allowing 3-years of helmetless riding for $200.00.

The caveat is that motorcyclists would also have to carry $20,000 in personal injury health insurance, pass a motorcycle safety course, and have been a licensed motorcycle rider for at least two years.

The governor, who is a staunch supporter of mandatory helmet laws, is expected to veto the bill.

State senators, however, hope that the governor will approve this one, having inserted a requirement that all monies raised from the permits be applied towards law enforcement.

Read the full text of the bill online...


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  1. Let me see if I understnd this...I'd have to PAY for the PRIVILEDGE afforded me by government NOT to wear a helmet? And have insurance, a safety course and 2 years of riding experience to boot? If I throw in another $100, can I forego the last three requirements?

  2. The Price of Freedom in Michigan is $100.00 with provisos,eh? Does that represent the government's cost of the shovel to scrape your brains off the pavement?
    Hey, do your thing and express your vanity, but don't call it "Freedom".
    My opinion, the cost of a helmet... "Priceless"!

  3. Helmets, an individual choice. What about riders from other States? Are they going to do the same thing for seat belt use?

  4. Remember back when freedom still existed? It's just a dream now boys, just a dream!

  5. So I'm motoring along through town at 30 miles an hour on my Harley with my DOT helmet on even though I've been riding for 30 years when some character on a mo-ped goes ripping by me on the right with no helmet on. Then I stop at a stop sign and there go a couple of pre-teen kids crossing the street doing wheelies on their BMX bikes and they aren't wearing a helmet. Then I notice a bus load of kids go by on their way to school and not a one of them are wearing a helmet. Statistics indicate that a driver in a car is more than 5 times more likely to suffer a head injury than on a bike if involved in an accident. So people in cars should sure be wearing a helmet too. Is the issue safety or is it discrimination? I know how I feel about the helmet law in general. Education and choice is the key, not laws.

  6. Through my personal experience, I would never ride a motorcycle or bike without a helmet. Several years ago, while biking, another biker crashed into me, throwing me off of my bike. If I didn't have a helmet on I would have been injured very badly. Another thought: if the law is repealed, our insurance rates will rise.



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