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Thumper, who writes the news for Outlaw Biker World , offered us his review of a motorcycle magazine called, "Cycle Source". His ...

Cycle Source MagazineThumper, who writes the news for Outlaw Biker World, offered us his review of a motorcycle magazine called, "Cycle Source".

His review follows below...

Cycle Source Magazine - A grass roots motorcycle publication
Thumper, Outlaw Biker World

A few days ago I was turned onto a new (to me) motorcycle publication by a member on another site (thks.OneEye). I'd never heard of it so I contacted the staff and was shipped 3 issues -pronto-(thks. wildman an jean)

Having skimmed all three and read one, I have this review: CYCLE SOURCE, A grass roots motorcycle publication...

First I gotta say, the last time I got a bike rag was when I was in the hospital a couple years back cause my liver said f**k it, and quit the job. It was a gift from a close friend, cause to me there's nothing in them anymore that's worth the big bucks they cost these days, you priced um lately???

After a quick ruffling and shake over the trash can to release the dreaded insertion bomb adds that are stuffed into a lot of rags these days, and finding none, not even the ones that are built in, to mess with ya while your reading, I give her a quick skim...

It's printed on good paper without any printing fu**ups or smears, not that I would have cared much, it'll get some around here, it is content I'm after in a bike rag, not snazzy bells and whistles...

From halfway thru the first story (from the editor's desk), I had an idea this was a good rag. It was a damn good write up about brotherhood, brotherhood amongst riders, what it used to be, why it was like that, and just what happened to it when the scooters didn't break down anymore and fewer folk needed or offered help or shared in the building, customizing and fixing of scooters and learning (bikes and brotherhood) in the process.

The thousands of yuppie, RUBs that toss the term "brother" around like its everyone's first name, who have invaded all the events and got no problem paying 6 bucks a beer, so the vendor's are now greedy as hell on everything in general, who'll ride right by a broken down bike so they can be first in line for a fu**in' $30.00 event shirt. (*I fell into a lil personal rant at the end there, kinda got off track) ... any way the story is really good and well written.

There's lots of feature bikes, not the $300,000 dollar p*z dispenser type, but nice clean show quality RIDABLE scooters built by different independent shops and people, who I never seen on the discovery channel or on a fu**in' bi* g**p c*p or whatnot bauble ..

Also in this issue - a couple tech articles with lot of pictures and info, A 2008 H.D. fat bob road test story, a joke/funny page(pretty good), events and runs written by people like us that actually rode their bikes there and camped and partied, events pages, industry news, and more...

What I liked the best and found MOST REFRESHING about the mag is that all the stories and articles are written by people who have obviously been there, not a bunch of corporate fu**'s trying to sell me on some high dollar zirconia encrusted billet bullshit they make...

Or, let me fix that last statement, the rag is down home and readable without a barrage of product endorsements so common these days. And the ads, there's no gettin' around them (gotta pay the bills I suppose) seems there's way less than I remember from the last bike rag I picked up and read.

In here it seemed they were mostly custom shops and s**t, and some parts adds. I didn't see a one of 'em for any water jetted custom wheels that cost the same as a complete motor rebuild or a trip to Hawaii.

I just checked the subscription price to see for myself (no dis goon) sure enough, Paypal $20.00 (U.S.) -- ($30 outside U.S.) a year, 12 issues to the (my) door for about $1.67 a piece. Thats the s**t far as I'm concerned, (right around the cost of 4 postage stamps).

Wildman and the crew gotta be just barely scrapin' along at that price, and to me, in doing so is sending out a message to us (and) about most all the other overpriced bike rags who in my opinion have sold out for the big bucks and forgotten who made them popular... the real bikers, the brotherhood of us poor broke tramps who would rather ride for the sake of the (riding) experience and plan and scrimp and save to go to runs to attend the actual event which started it and to share in the brotherhood which is still there but is buried in a sea of wannabees and rubs, not for the event shirts, photo ops and high dollar baubles.

I tell ya I LIKE IT, A LOT. Look around and if ya cant find one go to the site listed below, tell some friends about it and lets help this guy out. He's got a good, old school biker mind set that shows through clearly from cover to cover, and the rag needs to stay around and grow.

FU**IN 100% RECOMMENDED. You can visit their site @


And there you have it. 100% Thumper approved. Thanks for the writeup!


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  1. Kudo's for you guys in getting up to date on one of the best rag's in the business! Having been an avid reader, advertiser and friend of Chris', i'm glad to see the attention they are finally getting which is way over due!
    This mag, (in my humble opinion) harkens back to the early days of Easy Rider (without the boobs/ass mind you) and provides the everyday rider something to sink their teeth into such as profiles and how-to's. Maybe the other mag's will catch up with CS and get back to basic...which is all we as readers or advertisers have ever wanted.

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