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Harley Davidson sent out their latest newsletter this morning, featuring products to help you stay warm and dry during the winter months. A...

Harley BubbleHarley Davidson sent out their latest newsletter this morning, featuring products to help you stay warm and dry during the winter months.

Among them is this, "Harley Bubble".

This is NOT a snow globe. It's an honest-to-God bike cover to keep your bike clean, but one that showcases it to keep your vanity intact.

I don't know if this is a new product, or old, but I just about choked on my morning phlegm when I saw it.

The name "Harley Bubble" is so appropriate because many Harley owners live in a bubble themselves, believing that no other brand is deserving of their attention.

You can also place a couple of flash lights inside this thing, and set out on your front lawn as a Christmas ornament.


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  1. I too was surprised to see this (more like laughed). But, only for a moment was I surprised. With the way things have panned out with "today's biker", this should sell well.

    Maybe they could add some wheels to the bottom of it to help out all the guys who push their scoots out onto their sidewalk/lawn or driveway and let them sit all day only to push 'em back in at night.

    Their expensive 'lawn ornaments' can now have their own protective bubble.

  2. You have to give the credit to the brain trust at whatever company is marketing this through H-D. They are sure to get some dopes to "bite" on this. What is ironic is that H-D (and other mfg's) are reportly supporting more "green/earth friendly" products and waste removal, recycling, yet they promote a bike product that will 1) have to stay plugged in to circulate air thus using natural resources and, 2) feeds into the ego of the person purchasing/using which further feeds this egocentric mindset American already have engrained. It's a poor commentary on us as Americans.

  3. Actually it is more for the Snow Belt folks that store their bike some times for months of Snow and Cold weather, We here in So Cal forget that these folks also pay the same price for their bikes as we do but often don't get to ride them year round, so this way at least they can sit in their garage have a beer and look at the bike, while it is kept warm and dry.

  4. I think its a good idea maybe it will keep the garage monkeys from putting stuff on top of your bike.

  5. Oh come on guys, its actually a great idea. Put all the Harley patriotic bullshit aside and see it for what it is. A slight goofy idea BUT for people who live in cold areas or in the UK as I do.. its a godsend. Now if harleys didnt rust at the sight of water (in a bucket) then it would be pointless. I have a harley and a Truimph. The triumph is all plastic so no problem.. the harley rusts in my garage due to the condensation and the sea air..SO if I can ship this thing over and it protects my 13K i spent on the bike, im a happy camper!

  6. I am looking at this bubble as insurance for a bike that is more than just a chunk of chrome and metal. I have let my bike sit in Utah for the last 7 years reluctant to ship to Hawaii were I live. Now that the bike is here I am looking for something besides the constant wash and polish after every ride to keep it from rotting out. I think this is a great idea, although electricity is expensive and it may be seen as wasteful, I think it is worth trying. I will post again as I am sure to buy the Harley Bubble or one like it.

  7. I live in the UK and have recently bought one of these bubbles. I use to spray the bike with duck oil every winter for protection but find the bubble much easier with better results, and anyway who gives a toss about electric whilst china and other countries taking into account their size carry on burning coal.



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