Bike Clubs Gone Wild

What "Girls Gone Wild" did for spring break, will "Bike Clubs Gone Wild" do for motorcycle club events? A man named Le...

What "Girls Gone Wild" did for spring break, will "Bike Clubs Gone Wild" do for motorcycle club events?

A man named Levon Hinton, through his company Vandem Productions, is offering a DVD for sale called, "Bike Clubs Gone Wild", which showcases the lifestyle, culture, charity events, and wild parties of motorcycle clubs.

The DVD largely chronicles the Black Tigers Motorcycle Club and their annual Pajama Jam Event of last November, featuring "never seen before footage" of the club conducting their meet and greet, stunts, the wild parties, the women, and their charity fundraising efforts.

According to the Vandem Productions, they're describing this DVD as a "breakthrough in the motorcycle club community", allowing the viewers to witness actual footage of the culture and lifestyle of motorcycle clubs.

According to Levon Hinton, on why he produced this video...
"I wanted to show people that motorcycle clubs really do a lot for the communities they represent and charities they support."

I think Hinton makes a good point at showcasing a motorcycle club conducting a charity event, but his video also shows riders doing wheelies on what appears to be a public street. That's the kind of stuff that reflects back on all motorcycle riders.

On the other hand, my guess is that Hinton isn't trying to sell this DVD to the general public anyways.

As for this DVD being a "breakthrough in the motorcycle club community", I don't think so. Other video production companies have sold DVDs of MCs going bonkers at biker rallies.

You can buy this DVD from Vandem Productions at...

Here's a snippet of the video...


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  1. This is a break through in the biker community. No dvd shows the lifestyle or culture of the motorcycle clubs like Bike Clubs Gone Wild. Buy the dvd and see for yourself.

  2. I've actually watched the DVD and I really enjoyed it. It is nothing like what I had expected it to be. The dvd highlights the good that the bike clubs do for their communities all the while having a good time.

  3. I bought a copy of this dvd and was very impressed. I enjoyed how bike clubs were portrayed in a positive way. The dvd was nothing like I had expected. It's nice to see that bikers from all over can come together for an event and have a good time without all the drama.

  4. Don't know about you, but I'm a biker who bought this dvd and I really liked it. I think it's about time someone did a dvd of this nature.

  5. i think this should say when the Black Tiger MC goes wild, DVD's such as this will never display the MC world as a whole because it is to complicated, First off traditional MCs are not Rocket clubs! So label the DVD when crotch rockets go wild but don't loop all of us into this,




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