Ural Motorcycle has a New CEO

IMZ-Ural, the company that makes the "Ural" brand of Russian motorcycles with sidecars, has a new CEO. The CEO is Rick Clark, who...

Ural motorcycle sidecarIMZ-Ural, the company that makes the "Ural" brand of Russian motorcycles with sidecars, has a new CEO.

The CEO is Rick Clark, who is a member of the Tacoma Angels Network (TAC). TAC is a club of wealthy businessmen who look for small, under-performing companies, take them under their wing, and turn them into winners.

Clark was previously an executive with Presto Food Products, Morningstar Foods, and Dean Foods. He retired from the last company, and helped grow it from a $300 million dollar company to a $10 billion company.

Now he wants to try his hand at a struggling Russian motorcycle company.

So he basically he bought his way into the company's leadership position, by making a significant investment into the company.

The News Tribune, a newspaper that covers the Tacoma, WA area, ran an article that describes the trip to Siberia that Clark took to meet the factory workers...
"They were curious, but cautious. When I started asking questions, they kind of warmed up. This was their life. Some of their grandfathers had worked at this plant. I saw that the factory had the ability to increase capacity without significant capital investment, just by doing things better."
TAN's acceptance of IMZ-Ural as their next big project is apparently a big deal, expected to be a case study for business students at University of Washington, Tacoma. According to Larry Kopp, the founding member of TAN...
Kopp said Ural has "won the double bonus, the big prize of getting both one of the largest investments made to date by TAN members and Rick as their CEO."

"It's all the complexities of a global business in a teacup," Clark said. "This is going to be a great pure-case study for the University of Washington Tacoma. This isn't GE, but it's everything that GE has - finance, marketing, production, distribution."
The level of excitement coming from IMZ-Ural and TAN almost sounds like the day when Harley-Davidson executives bought the Motor Company from AMF.

I think Clark's first move is to change the name of Ural to something else. It sounds too close to "urinal".

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  1. Hi Rick Clark, I like name URAL. In respect to a name change you may look at model reinvention ,but please don’t overlook the significant history behind URAL name. Instead build on it. The URAL motorcycle Co. history combined with its products classical appeal are two unique features .Promote these first. Also you may even consider the production of LHS 2WD Units for sale in England, Australia, New Zealand etc.



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