Big Dog Motorcycle Layoffs

WIBW Television , out of Topeka, KS, reports that Big Dog Motorcycles laid off 20 of its employees yesterday. The company is blaming a down...

Big Dog Motorcycle FactoryWIBW Television, out of Topeka, KS, reports that Big Dog Motorcycles laid off 20 of its employees yesterday.

The company is blaming a downturn in the economy, the housing market decline, and the financial lending crisis. 2007 was apparently a really bad year for the custom motorcycle maker. Last March, the company went through another round of layoffs, with 10 employees getting the boot.

Big Dog is a manufacturer that thrives on customers with disposable income, kinda like Harley Davidson. On the other hand, manufacturers like Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha can thrive in lean times by selling cheap, and highly fuel-efficient motorcycles.

Paul Hansen, marketing director for Big Dog, manages to find a silver lining in all this...
Our goal is to resize the company to a level that can be successful, even in a down market. The good news is that once the economy rebounds, Big Dog Motorcycles is perfectly positioned to continue to be the dominant player in our market for years to come and hold our position as the world’s largest manufacturer of custom bikes. We are a sizable company with excellent dealers, a great brand name and a strong diverse line-up of new models. We expect a respectable 2008, even with a murky economy.
I disagree. 2008 is going to be even worse for jobs and the economy. It won't take until 2009 until things get better for the average American.


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  1. Respectable 2008 selling what is at best an overpriced and impractical daily rider/commuter and more likely a once every week (at most) luxury item?

    The same people who thought $30K plus bikes were around forever probably bought real estate on wishful financing in 05-06.

    Pay cash for a used bike and customize it in your own garage!

  2. well i agree...2009 or later. mine is paid for and a 2005...30,000 miles.
    id love another...but im go0nna have to wait awhile myself

  3. It is more than likely due to them claiming to produce a driver instead of what they actually produce. I have a 2006 Ridgeback and it is a beautiful bike, I love it when it is actualy rideable. Everyone told me to get a trailer for it but I did not listen. Word spreads when you have a bike with 3k miles on it and has been in the shop for over half of its life!!! Now I owe 20k on a bike that is worth 10k if I am lucky!! Tried to get help but have nothing. Tons of electrical problems, now rear sproket bolts broke and spun out as I was riding with my daughter on the back..... great looking bike but not safe at all!!!



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