Maryland Limits Auxiliary Motorcycle Lights

The Governor of Maryland, last week, signed into law, Senate Bill 713, which limits the use of auxiliary motorcycle lighting. This law was...

The Governor of Maryland, last week, signed into law, Senate Bill 713, which limits the use of auxiliary motorcycle lighting.

This law was designed to address those colored LED pods and strips that folks like to use to shine light on their engines, as well as "blue dot illumination".

To the best I could research, there previously were no laws on auxiliary lights and blue dot illumination, allowing motorcycle riders in Maryland to ride with them as freely as they pleased.

The law now says that these lights cannot blink, flash, or oscillate, and may be only be directed towards the engine and drive train. The law specifically prohibits them on wheels, which will force some Goldwing owners to remove them from their wheels. In addition, these lights cannot be blue or red.

The law also allows for "blue dot illumination", which is the tiny blue light that people embed into the tail lights. The exception is that the blue dot may only be added to, or adjacent to, the tail light, and cannot exceed 3/4 inch in diameter.

The law goes into effect, June 1, 2008.


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  1. What I find funny about Maryland's new laws, are the fact that the blue dots are already covered by Federal Rules about colored lights and the positioning on vehicles (clear and yellow front facing only and red and clear rear facing only) No other colors are allowed on moving vehicles.
    It is just another way Maryland's Politicians will be digging into pockets of law abiding citizens to enrich the tax coffers!
    As well as showing how anti-biker/motorcyclist Maryland really is

  2. You are looking at this the wrong way. Bikers in Maryland were stopped all the time for riding with their LED lights on. It didn't matter where they were located or what color they were. They were just another reason to be hassled.

    This new law,now allows Maryland Bikers to ride freely with certain lights on their bikes. Maybe they cannot be red or blue and maybe they can not oscillate or flash but there are so many other choices.

    They can now light up their engines with amber, green, pink, white, purple, jade, teal, orange, etc.

    They can now ride freely at night with these lights enabling them to be better seen and hassle-free.

    The cup is half full - not half empty.

  3. bike is red/white and I have red LED's installed on my engine and frame. Guess I'll have to take the LONG way around the State.

  4. Red and blue are still the most popular colors. We install lots of them for our customers. Can't ride with them on (at least not in Maryland) but certainly can show them off at bike shows and the local watering holes.

    Maryland still has some of the best biker events around (East Coast Sturgis, Delmarva Bike Week.

    Anonymous, don't go around Maryland, come through. We would love to have you.

  5. You said..."The exception is that the blue dot may only be added to, or adjacent to, the tail light"...can you be a little clearer on this or direct me to where the law is written. Do you mean the bulb itself or the red housing? Does this apply to cars too?


  6. The first website shows the date the law was approved by the Governor:

    The second website gives the wording:

  7. You have taken a positive item and attempted to portray it as a negative.

    These lights were previously illegal. This new law now makes them legal.

    I am sure that you didn't intend to do misconstrue this, but just didn't have all of the facts.

    Click here to read the senate bill in its entirety:

    All of the text in upper case is what has been added (into law). It states, "...a motorcycle may be equipped with the following auxiliary lighting" and goes on to list all of the lights that are now legal. Previously a motorcycle could not have such lighting in Maryland.

    If you want accurate information on motorcycle legislation in Maryland, contact ABATE of Maryland, Inc. at 410-263-9185.

    ABATE of Maryland, Inc. is Maryland’s only motorcycle safety and legislative advocacy organization. ABATE has been protecting the interests of Maryland motorcyclists for more than 30 years.

  8. I wanted to have colored ground effect lighting put under my motorcycle for safety reasons ( I ride at night ) several other riders told me to check the laws to make sure they were legal . I decided to call the Easton,Md. Police Dept. figuring they would know ! They were pretty clueless..they said no red,blue or white under the bike & any other colors could be considered as dazzling or glistening lights ..they had to look up what the fine was ( $ 60 ) & asked the Commander if the lighting was legal..he said " no ! no under-carriage lighting allowed " What the hell ! Maybe he needs to take a course in NEW Maryland laws ! And any Police officer that would pull over & ticket a motorcycle rider for lighting that isn't extreme & flashing & distracting obviously isn't worried about that persons safety & only worried about making a ticket quota ! Think twice before you pull us over..we wanna be seen on the bikes & not be road-kill from the fools in the cars not paying attention ! Put yourself in our shoes !!!!!

  9. I got pulled over and hassled multiple times here in MD and had to tell the officers that the law passed allowe for lights. They never gave me a ticket but always wasted my time. My lights were green and legal



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