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Making news recently is the Iron Horse Hotel, in Milwaukee, WI, dubbed the first ever hotel geared towards motorcycle riders. You can read...

Making news recently is the Iron Horse Hotel, in Milwaukee, WI, dubbed the first ever hotel geared towards motorcycle riders.

You can read about them on their website...

As far as being geared towards motorcycle riders, I don't see much. Here's what they have to say on how they plan to be focused towards motorcyclists...
- Secure, covered motorcycle parking
- Check-in carts and rag bins
- On-site bike wash
- On-premise retailer with travel essentials and rider accessories
- In-room storage for heavy leathers, riding boots and helmets
- Rejuvenation spa services and special riding packages
I'm not sure any of these things will make me want to stay at this hotel. When travelling on my bike, I want a room that's cheap, with a decent shower. If being cheap with a decent shower is what makes a "motorcycle friendly" hotel, then I guess I can already find plenty around.

You know, I find the term, "motorcycle friendly" to be an oxymoron. I think that 99% of all hotels and motels are friendly to bikers for the simple reason that biker money is the same as anyone else's money. I think 99% of all restaurants are "biker friendly" too for the same reason. A biker can go to any Holiday Inn hotel and get the same shiny happy service that everyone else gets.

Do you think a "motorcycle friendly" restaurant is going to treat a customer with less service just because they arrived in a car?

Personally, I don't want to go to a hotel or restaurant that singles me out just because I'm riding a motorcycle, whether for good or bad. I just want to be treated the same as anyone else.

As for the Iron Horse Hotel, I'm know for a fact that there is a demographic of motorcycle riders who will appreciate the on-site bike wash, and check-in carts with rag bins. I'm just in doubt that these riders will put on enough miles to get their bikes dirty.


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  1. What about the Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge < > in Stecoah, NC (near Deal's Gap - 318 curves in 11 miles)?

  2. The Central California Sierra Nevada Foothills are a mecca for bikers, especially for weekend getaway trips. In Groveland, near Yosemite National Park, is the Iron Door Saloon, with the Hotel Charlotte right across the street, and both are really popular with bikers, I highly recommend them!

  3. It's not the room or the service that makes a hotel/motel "biker friendly", it's the accomodation for securing your scoot. Bikes are different from cars and trucks in the ease with which they can be stolen. When I stay somewhere I want my bike locked inside a structure, out of sight from the usual suspects. Or I want something like a very solid floor bolt that I can lock to just outside my room.

    If some chain offered secure parking I think they would pick up a lot of the biker business. After all we don't all want to camp out with a string tied to our toe.

  4. If you are riding the Going to the Sun road in Glacier National Park and you are looking for a great, fun, bike-friendly Lodge...check out the Historic Tamarack Lodge and Cabins off Highway 2 in NW Montana. 8 miles from the Park, friendly people, great information!

  5. I have one for you..... Holiday Motel in Maggie Valley, NC in the mountains. We stay there every year flat parking and they let us pull our bikes in front of your window on the porch. They always treat us so good there and it's affordable! Check it out here


  6. I visted Longstreet Inn and Casino located 7 miles north of Death Valley. They have great security as the local police watches the facility on a regular basis at night. Never had a problem, ever.
    Ice cold beer awaits you when you arrive. Friday and Saturday features the "Nebraska Steak House" the rooms start at $59.95 but for $10 more you get a room with a beautiful view. Worth it.

  7. Just stayed at the Hotel Nevada in Ely NV. 10% discount to bikers, surveilance video parking for your bike, great rates and definitely a place with character!




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