Harley Plans to Build Smaller Bikes?

The State Journal-Register , a newspaper serving Springfield, IL, reported a couple of weeks ago t...

cagiva raptor 125
The State Journal-Register, a newspaper serving Springfield, IL, reported a couple of weeks ago that Harley may be planning to build smaller motorcycles, perhaps to sell overseas...
Hall predicts Harley-Davidson will roll out smaller bikes than Sportsters with 883-cubic-inch engines, currently the smallest available. With smaller models, Harley would be in a position to appeal to a broader segment of the market, he said.
Harley brand certainly is very strong in the Asian markets, and folks over there actually have a love affair with everything American.

The person quoted above is actually the owner of a Harley dealership, not anyone from corporate. I don't believe that even the dealers know what The Motor Company is up to. But it makes sense.

The Chinese, Japanese, Indians, and all them out there will buy up Harleys if they could afford them. Harley doesn't have to price their bikes competively, they just have to bring them within reach of the masses.

But second, many countries make it difficult for residents to register large displacement motorcycles.

Harley actually has a small displacement motorcycle already, the Cagiva Raptor 125. They acquired it through their purchase of MV Agusta last July. All they need to do is slap the Harley name on the tank, and start shipping them.


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