Queensland Motorcyclists Now Required to File Ride Reports to Police

riding their motorycles
In the wake of increasing efforts by police to control motorcycle clubs, law enforcement officials in the Australian state of Queensland is now requiring all motorcycle riders to notify them prior to a group ride...

"Queensland Police want recreational motorcycle riders to give them a call before heading out on the roads, to avoid law-abiding citizens being “harassed” by police."

The move comes after police are practically pulling over anyone and everyone riding a motorcycle, checking to see if they are affiliated with clubs on their "hit list". Motorcycle rights groups are now complaining, putting forth petition sheets to end the harassment.

However, officials don't seem to be interested in stopping.

So after a long debate, police have settled with requiring all bikers to notify the police prior to riding their motorcycle, so that officers will know ahead of time who to pull over and not to pull over.

Source: Brisbane Times


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