New Technology Turns Motorcycle Wheels into Advertisements

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Photo from Fast Company
A company called World Moto has developed a way to turn motorcycle wheels into rolling advertisements.

Dubbed, "Wheelies", it's a technology that allows a spinning motorcycle wheel to display streaming media and still photos.

According to a feature article on Fast Company...

"A Wheelie consists of a wheel with 53 LEDs on each of the wheel’s eight blades. “Basically you have to track where the wheel is and at any given time have to know the exact position of each blade,” Ziomkowski explains. “Then you have to light the LEDs based on what you want the picture to be, and you have to do that very fast.”

It's similar to how movies work, where a series of photos are displayed rapidly in sequence, except here it's done through the blur of a spinning wheel.

All advertising can be sequenced and triggered at a specific time, location, or manually under the command of an operator using a smart device with gesture recognition or speech recognition. This allows Wheelies the ability to serve up ads relevant to the location, event, or time of day. According to World Moto, a single motorcycle can reach as many as 400,000 people a day.

The company plans to target motorcycle taxis as its primary customer. In just the city of Bangkok alone, there are more motorcycle taxis than there are car taxis in the entire United States.

Wheelies was unveiled to the public at the Digital Sign Asia 2013 last weekend in Bangkok.

“When we drive around with the Wheelies, people immediately turn and look at it with their mouths open,” says Giles. “It’s beyond a ‘wow’ factor--it’s almost into the ‘holy shit’ factor."

Paul Giles, CEO of World Moto, commented, "We are pleased to have achieved this milestone in the development of our Company's technologies, and continue to add to World Moto's intellectual property estate. Wheelies have both personal and commercial applications and we are looking forward to sharing it with the world this week."

Source: Fast Company and World Moto Press Release


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