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Dirt biking is more than a hobby. It is a culture of speed, nature and mud. In some places, dirt bike riding is illegal and in others it...

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Dirt biking is more than a hobby. It is a culture of speed, nature and mud. In some places, dirt bike riding is illegal and in others it is the bread and butter of the area. Being part of this culture means you know your bikes, helmets and protective gear. It also requires that you understand the lay of the land and the big players in the sport. In today’s technological world, apps are the tools of the trade.

Bike Analytics

Gears, sprockets, and pistons can be purchased at a dirt bike shop, but it takes an expert to understand how they work together. The feel and sound of your bike will tell you how well it is running. Analytic apps can do this even more efficiently. If you are riding a Zero motorcycle, then you are using the company's performance app. This Bluetooth-enabled application for iPhones and Android Smartphones will report basic motorcycle functions like speed and energy consumption, as well as advanced information like battery charge, cost per mile, and CO2 reduction. This app makes the bike and the rider into one.

Tracker And GPS Software

Eating dirt might hurt a little, but getting lost is embarrassing. That is why every dirt biker needs a GPS system that is unique to dirt biking. The Gaia GPS system is the same kind that hikers and hunters use to get them off then back on the grid. Available in iOS and Android, Gaia has topographical maps, satellite images, and trail charts. Specialized information includes distance travelled and elevation data. Out of all the applications that a dirt biker should have on his must-have list, Gaia GPS needs to be on the top.

Dirt Rider Magazine

Dirt Rider is America’s largest off-road motorcycle magazine, offering articles about the dirt bike subculture in the United States. Of course, it has an app. You can download the digital publication on to your tablet, Nook, Kindle, or smartphone as well as your PC or Mac. The magazine offers buyer’s guides, interviews, and pro tips for the serious rider. Since it is digital, subscribers can watch some of their favorite riders as videos or see some radical photos of amazing tricks. Most importantly for some, Dirt Rider has a community forum that allows you to interact with fellow riders even if you are stuck at home.

Dirt Bike Game

The culture of off-roading extends to video games. Even sitting at home, the hardcore rider can play dirt bike games on his mobile tech. XDirtBike.com is nothing less than a game repository for the dirt bike, ATV and motocross enthusiast. Some of the games are simple Flash-based games that use WASD controls to guide your cyber-bike through various obstacle courses. Riders have dirt right down to the bone so indulge yourself with all of the best digital applications to keep you riding 24/7.


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