Corbin introduces Visual Seat Configurator

Popular aftermarket seat maker Corbin has introduced a new feature to its website to give customers a better idea of what, exactly, they are buying.

Although Corbin offers seats for all kinds of bikes they are particularly popular among riders of Harley-Davidsons and other cruisers. The custom seats receive acclaim for the level of comfort offered over standard OEM seats. They are equally popular because of the level of customization possible.

However, anyone who's ever considered buying one of the popular seats online probably knows the experience of being baffled by the number of choices available. According to Corbin, even the most basic seat model has more than 43,000 customizing combinations. Step up into something like the company's Dual Touring Saddle and the combination possibilities apparently go into the millions.

Trying to figure all this out based solely on descriptions was frustrating to many customers. After all, what's the difference between Red, Candy Red, Ninja Red and Tomato Red? As a result, many customers simply gave up trying to create their seat online.

Corbin says it listened to the criticisms of these customers and has invested a number of years into a feature on its website that will allow customers to see the seat of their choice and customize it exactly to their liking.

"This has been at the top of our To-Do List for nearly a decade now," said Greg Hurley, Director of Marketing at Corbin. "It has also been a highly requested feature from our customers."

Corbin drafted in designers from New Zealand to help get the work done. Presently the feature is still in beta mode, with only the six most popular seat models currently available. Customers can craft and customize these seats in thousands of ways. More seat models are expected to be added soon.

To try to Visual Seat Configurator, visit


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