The Trident Motorcycle - A Kickstarter for a wheelchair motorcycle.

The Trident Motorcycle Adrenaline-packed motorcycle for wheelchair users and disabled motorcycle riders, manufactured in Columbus, OH. ...

The Trident Motorcycle

Adrenaline-packed motorcycle for wheelchair users and disabled motorcycle riders, manufactured in Columbus, OH.

The Trident™ wheelchair motorcycle is designed to accommodate any type of wheelchair, including electric wheelchairs, as well as those with other disabilities, utilizing a bucket seat configuration.

We are raising funds to build the first model, which will be donated to Colin, a handicapped father, who lost both of his legs in a motorcycle accident more than 10 years ago.

Once the first model has been built, full production will commence with Trident™ Motorcycles built in American manufacturing facilities, with pricing as follows:

Full-Mobility Trident Motorcycle $24,600.00
Bucket seat model; does not include powered swing-arm access

Limited Mobility Trident Motorcycle $29,800.00
Includes powered swing-arm access for riders using a wheelchair

Features of the Trident™ wheelchair motorcycle

Easy access entry –Kneeling chassis with swing-away tire. Rear swing arm has electric-hydraulic adjuster, coupled with air shock spring (for smooth ride and to lower bike for access) 

Steering – Over-geared, power rack & pinion. With 0° as center line handlebars, will turn the wheels (fully locked) at 45° left and 45° right 

Transmission – 4 speed automatic, paddle shift 

Suspension – front is equal length, twin A arm. Rear swing arm has electric-hydraulic adjuster, coupled with air shock spring
Frame – 3404 chrome moly tube, rigid frame design, spray welded 

Brakes – power disc

Engine/Fuel – Front wheel drive, rigid mounted, several engines can be used; Honda, Ford, GM, initially Honda 300 HP VTEC turbo-charged. Fuel: regular gas, alcohol, CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), or hydrogen 

Safety – All operational controls are on the handlebars, including a quick-kill switch. Seat belt for the rider, restraining belts for the wheelchair, wheelchair lockdown, safety bar restraint for the wheelchair

Wheelchair Entry Gate
Frame Design - The frame design tightly constrains the wheelchair, it is rigid by both material and shape, which helps protect the rider. Multiple retaining points are used to hold the wheelchair and rider, which creates failsafe redundancy. Each motorcycle can be customized to best fit the rider and their wheelchair and the licensing of the motorcycle is as a 3-wheel trike.

Eco Friendly  -The Trident™ wheelchair motorcycle is an eco-friendly design, that can run on regular gas, alcohol, CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), or hydrogen; making it a low or no pollution motorcycle.

Colin's Story

On March 31st (Easter Sunday) I took my 13 year-old daughter for a ride on the back of my motorcycle.

My life changed forever as we encountered a car making a U-turn in the center of the road. Due to the road conditions, I knew a crash was unavoidable. Prior to impact, I yelled for Kelsie to bear hug me and hang on. I was going to keep her safe, by the grace of God.

We went from 70MPH to 0MPH in about 10 feet, and were both thrown from the motorcycle.The first words I heard when I came to was Kelsie telling me she was ok.

I immediately went into surgery and for 11 days, fought for my health while the doctors did their job. On the 11th day, the doctors brought me out of an induced coma to state they needed permission to amputate my legs, and announce to me that I was now paralyzed from the chest down.

I became a member of the 1% club of people to survive this type of accident. It was truly a miracle.

It’s been over 14 years since the accident and I have since said goodbye to the days of riding my motorcycle, until my good friend Nate reached out to me and told me it would be possible for me to ride again with a prototype motorcycle concept he had been designing for several years. The design is now complete and ready for production. It would be a dream of mine to once again ride a motorcycle, as well as open the roads for others like me who have suffered disabilities.

To do this, we need your help! We are on KickStarter to raise funds in order to build the first motorcycle. Once our first bike has been built, we will begin production so that others can ride again.

Your contribution will help cover the cost of building the very first Trident Motorcycle and help my dream of riding again become possible.

Thank you for your support and love. I look forward to seeing you on the road!

About Pingel Design Group

Pingel Design Group (PDG) founded in 1992 by Nathan Pingel, as an industrial design firm with a unique, multi-disciplinary approach to new product and service innovation. PDG’s design strategy is drawn from the Bauhaus concept of design and production.

Design Philosophy/Process

Our strengths as a design firm are: competence, experience, flexibility and creativity. PDG’s design philosophy emphasizes:

  • Using Earth stewardship design principles create sustainable products and processes, answering client needs.
  • A pliable design approach, working with the client to develop attractive, highly marketable, cost-effective, product/project solutions. • Independent research to find the best fit in technology, materials and production.
  • Modularity in systems and materials; balancing cutting-edge technology with industry-proven, standard goods.
  • Experience with an exceptional variety of systems and materials.
  • PDG is committed to the client’s goals and future achievements.
Design • Engineer • Build 
The PDG Pingel Design Group team can help the client from conceptualization; research, product development, design, cost reviews, prototype construction and manufacturing. In short we design, engineer and build solutions for you.

Our company is setup to develop products, which can be spun-off as new companies. PDG on occasions has become a partner with the client on the new development.

We cover the following areas: Retail and industrial product design, industrial recycling equipment, earth stewardship process, product prototyping, manufacturing equipment, packaging, point of purchase design, marketing plans, graphics, social media, project planning, business plans and finance.

The Trident Motorcycle Team A unique group of people, committed to the design and manufacturing of transformative mobility devices.

Nathan W Pingel CEO director of design, engineering, management (TIDM)

Aaron Plaat Director of Marketing & Communications

Daniel Langstaff Technical specialist, robotics, scientific research

Mike Moshier Electrical engine development (electric bike), electric systems

Phd Robert Bailey Engineering, material application

Kyle Phillips Software engineering, Scrum Master

Michael Deitsch Marketing, product placement, product development

Colin Everson Western regional sale and customer relations manager

Trident Motorcycle Advisory Board 
Our board is committed to the development and innovation of earth stewardship initiatives through intelligent product design 

Todd Appelbaum Business and finance

Marcus Dunn Legal-business

John Ingwersen AE architect application ADA

Chuck Krieg Marketing specialist 

Bret Kline ID design

Lori Pingel Graphic design, aesthetic specialist

John Woodrow Production, manufacturing graphic application specialist

Ben Zacks Legal-business

Risks and challenges

To mitigate over-budget production costs, the first Trident Motorcycle will be manufactured with parts that have been remanufactured and ready for production, this aligns with our commitment towards earth stewardship and eco-friendly manufacturing processes with sustainable environmental impact.

Questions about this project? Submit a Question here. 

Pledges are available from $15 all the way up to $2500 or more. 


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