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Most of us have our own ideas about what it is to be a so called "Biker". If yours involves new and old friends riding motorc...

Artwork by Kayla Koeune

Most of us have our own ideas about what it is to be a so called "Biker".
If yours involves new and old friends riding motorcycles in from out of town, converging on a small campground in the mountains, and having a free spaghetti dinner, then Marinara Mountain Run is as great as it gets!! 

The hosts of Marinara Mountain Run, @KaylaInfernoArt & @CharlieTravelingChopper, are one of the most adventuresome couples that I know.  They've traveled the world on their motorcycles, and can tell some of the best stories. #RockingChairStories as they call it.  One time on a trip through Italy, they experienced an event where this all started. A group of chopper riding bikers, converging, camping, live music, vintage American Choppers surrounding them, and everyone was having a great time. 
"The whole chopper show sat down and had a large pasta family dinner together. Drank wine and espresso (in the middle of nowhere in the woods with a generator). It moved us so much, the sense of community, that we wanted to recreate the experience here."           -Kayla Koeune *
We are now lucky enough that Kayla & Charlie have brought this back to the States for us to experience.  

This year was the third "annual" running, after the two took last summer off to get married & travel the world together!  I can't think of a better way to help celebrate their anniversary every summer than to continue attending this event.  
Photo By @charlietravelingchopper

This year, their surprise for us attendee's was motorcycle games.  Slow Races, Ride the Plank, & Ring Toss.  We were lucky enough to have the games run by none other than Chris Cullen of @CycleSourceMagazine.  

The Slow Race is fairly self explanatory, but always a fun event.  Two opponents face off to ride the slowest they can while staying upright, not killing the bike, keeping their feet up, and staying between two lines.  Psyching out your opponent is not against the rules, so do as you may!  

Photo By: Kayla Koeune

Ride the Plank, got it's start with boards being lined up end to end and each participant had to ride down the boards keeping both tires on the boards at all times.  The boards often got narrower in width the farther down the course you went.

This idea has evolved over the years, at the Marinara games you got one round of riding a not so flat 2x4. If you made it across that round, then moving onto round two got more difficult, as Chris poured on 20/40 motor oil to the board.  Now things got exciting!  The first bike wound up in the crowd! Keeping your bike straight on a slick ass board is NO easy feat!

Then we moved on to the Ring Toss.  Balance, hand eye coordination, throttle control, and where do you keep three rings for easy accessibility?!  Basically you get three metal rings, and you have to get one ring over the top of three traffic cones, each set a little farther away from your lane than the last. Each rider devised their own plans in our practice run. Then onto the real deal.  I had no chance on this game, but some of the entrants were in it for a few rounds! Chris stepped up the intensity by adding cones on each side of the riders lanes, and different height cones.  Truly entertaining to watch, these guys had some serious skills!  All of those video games growing up were finally paying off.  Take that 'Ma!

Later that evening the Garlic Bread was thrown over the fire to warm, and the pasta was ready to eat! Kayla busted her buns cooking huge quantities of pasta, marinara, & meatBALLS for all of us! Her hard work did NOT go unrecognized by all who attended.  We all sat around the fire stuffing our faces! Enjoying each-others company, catching up with folks we hadn't seen since the previous Marinara Run, or other events around the country.   Cards were brought out, beer & whiskey made an appearance, stories were told, friendships were made.  An all around great time was had by all.

There are a lot of similar ideas like this one popping up all around the United States, though maybe not as cool as this one in my opinion.  Keep your eyes & ears open for your local groups to spill the secrets on how to find them! Better yet, put one together yourself! That's what it's all about, invite your friends, and their friends and make it a great time.  I'll see you out at the next local, or not so local, grassroots chopper/motorcycle/bike run!  Much fun will be had. 

Gabriele Zimmerman, 
Biker News Online
* quote from an article written by Lisa Ballard editor of @ChopCult


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