Harley Davidson Sues S&S Cycle

S&S Cycle, of Viola, WI, was named in a lawsuit by Harley Davidson claiming infringment of patents and trademarks. According to a press...

S&S Cycle, of Viola, WI, was named in a lawsuit by Harley Davidson claiming infringment of patents and trademarks. According to a press release by S&S Cycle:
S&S has reviewed the issues raised in Harley-Davidson's complaint and believes they are without legal basis. S&S respects the intellectual property rights of others and the S&S products at issue in this lawsuit were the result of S&S's own engineering designs. S&S does not have any connection to Delkron in this action and does not believe that Harley-Davidson had any basis to name them and Delkron in the same lawsuit.
There are no specific details on what patents or trademarks were infringed. But my take on this is that Harley is probably making more money on OEM licensing than on the bikes themselves. As a result, they are probably policing their patents and trademarks so carefully, that they're probably over-doing it.

Well, let's see how things shake out.


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  1. With the rediculous prices that Harley,S&S,and Delkron get for their products. One would think that Harley should realize that there is more than enough greed going around for all of them to wallow in.

    A small independent
    repair shop owner

  2. It Is very apparent that Harley is alarmed because S&S provides engines for alot of different Motorcycle company's.. I own a TITAN it has an S&S engine, Harleys problem is that people are becoming more eduacated and not falling for their attemps to hide behind the flag and pretend to be all American. It is unfortunate that there are still ignorant people that allow themselves to brainwashed by a billion dollar company and not go out and research for themselves. I am behind S&S all the way. Harleys arrogance and plain ass looking bikes they can keep. what a bunch of crybaby's By the way S&S will certify there engines as all American if you care about those things. One last comment, S&S doesn't sell scented candles, bathrobes, dart boards, house slippers, coloring books, christmas ornaments, plates, pool cues, pet supplies,or any other of that kind of crap.. the so called American company does. who know maybe JC PENNY or Toys R US will sue them.

  3. I am going through the same type suite with Harley Myself.They think they one every aspect of any shape or design that is even close to theirs.They have asked me Politely to re-design my current logo,(A 60 page Bully Attempt) I sent the the EXACT Warner Bros Logo as a re-design all blacked in .They answered with this is BLATENT infringment on our Mark.Warner Bros has had the Shield & Bar logo since 1935..The New HD Bar & Sheild Logo was not Trade marked until 2004 Maybe Warner Bros needs to file a suite against HD!Someone needs to start a class action suite against HD for all the FRIVOLOUS LITIGATION.Im sure thier is some attorney licking his lips at that thought!

  4. I once owned a Harley, I now own a Victory and have NEVER been happier with a bike. There are way to many reason to list for my unhappy feelings towards Harley Davidson. You guys have just begun to crack the shell on these guys.

  5. Harley Davidson,half the bike at twice the price.I know,I own one.A FXDX.64hp.Lame brakes.1950s technology.A fun ride,but not a very good motorcycle.Why would anyone want to copy that!?



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