Kick Start: A Cosmic Biker Babe's Guide to Life and Changing the Planet

A new book is coming out entitled, " Kick Start: Cosmic Biker Babe's Guide To Life And Changing the Planet ", by Carol Setters...

A new book is coming out entitled, "Kick Start: Cosmic Biker Babe's Guide To Life And Changing the Planet", by Carol Setters. Setters, who also goes by the name, "CosmicBiker" is a spiritual feminist and Biker Babe, who operates a website where "a community of radical women" get together and discuss ways to change the world through authentic and compassionate living.

Kick Start is essentially a self-help guide for women suggesting that taking on the role and persona of a biker chick will help them find inner-strength:
"By playfully trying on the identity of women who ride motorcycles, snub their noses at conformity and are unafraid to go where the road leads them, women become SheBikers," says Setters, "It's a term I've created to describe powerful and adventurous women. Many women relate to being SheBikers, whether or not they currently ride motorcycles."

"Women are looking for a way to redefine themselves, to incorporate the new ways in which they are evolving as a gender" says Setters. "Our culture sees bikers as rebellious, or at least maverick, individuals. By "trying on" that nonconforming identity, women can push beyond limiting perspectives to a new understanding of what they can become. Of course, if they want to be encouraged to ride a motorcycle, they'll find that in my book, too."
Of course if a woman really wants to play the role of a biker, then how about laying a bike down at 65mph? Nothing like snubbing her nose at conformity while the asphalt grinds the skin off of her bones.

The book will begin shipping this May.


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