Motorcycles a Solution to Freeway Congestion

I was reading a letter published in the Orange County Register about freeway congestion. The writer wanted to know why light rail and monor...

I was reading a letter published in the Orange County Register about freeway congestion. The writer wanted to know why light rail and monorail would not relieve congestion. I posted an answer on one of my other blogs.

But I wanted to propose the use of motorcycles as a way to relieve congestion. Perhaps States across our country can make legislative changes to encourage the use of motorcycles as commuter vehicles.

Some ideas that States can implement:
  1. Eliminate registration fees for motorcycles, or incorporate a registration fee based on engine displacement size. Perhaps engines ranging from 0-650cc, have free registration. 651-1000cc have a certain fee. While 1001-1999 have a higher fee, and 2000 and up have the highest registration fee. The important part is to offer free registration for commuter-size motorcycles.

  2. Eliminate motorcycle licensing endorsements - This can be limited to motorcycles with 650cc engines or smaller. If you're riding such a motorcycle, then you don't need to get a special license to operate it.

  3. Allow motorcycles to ride for free on toll roads and toll bridges, and allow motorcycles to ride on car pool lanes. I think most states allow motorcycles on car pool lanes, but I don't know about allowing them to ride for free on toll roads and bridges.

  4. Eliminate laws against lane splitting. Many states still allow lane-splitting, some don't.

  5. Got any other ideas?
The politically-correct crowd will take pleasure in knowing that most motorcycles can get between 40-60 MPG, and that small-displacement motorcycles are very affordable to low-income households.

But if 25% of the daily commuters could make a switch from cars to motorcycles, then perhaps we could see some improvement in the flow of traffic.


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  1. A couple things, California is the only state that currently allows lane splitting. Also a motorcycle can ride in the carpool lane on any federally subsidised road. That includes just about every freeway in the country.

  2. I can see one slight problem. In the rush to get on the road, many of the would-be commuters would be entering the riding world without any skills training.

    This would lead to many deaths and injuries due to a lack of skill. I think the proper idea would be that registration and other fees would be free if proof of a valid MSF course was presented. It would be a tradeoff, but I would rather have more riders with skills than more with less skills.

    Just a point

  3. Hmmm. yes, but if you look at what's happening in Paris, France, it's the opposite!! They're planning to ban all motorcycles by 2012 !! All in the name of polution !!!

    And I agree with Kevin, that you still need some instruction for motorcycles, even if it's 650. In France, you can ride a motorcycle less than 125 cc without a license. The number of road deaths has tripled in that time frame, and out insurance rates are now siffering !!

  4. I agree with Kevin. Make it easier to ride a motorcycle...encourage it...but require the MSF course in lieu of just paying a fee.

  5. Does this guy own a casket co.or run an organ donor agency?



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