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No Rules Riders is the name of a riding group that seems to be gaining some popularity. It's an international organization of riding c...

No Rules RidersNo Rules Riders is the name of a riding group that seems to be gaining some popularity. It's an international organization of riding clubs, where the rules are that there are no rules. In fact, there are no officers, and no limitations. They are just groups of friends who plan rides, and ride them.

The No Rules Riders started a few years ago between some friends who wanted to join a riding group. But they found that all the groups wanted money, and had meetings and people to answer. So they decided to create their own group called "No Rules Motorcycle Club". They made about 100 shirts and sold them at cost. But it was then they found that they were not really a "motorcycle club" but a riding club. So they changed their name to "No Rules Riders".

About a year passed and after talking to people in other areas at bike rallies, they decided to take No Rules Riders globally. In January of 2005 they launched their website. Soon after, four additional chapters have started up, along another two members outside of the United States.

No Rules Riders allows anyone to start their own chapter, and immediately begin recruiting people to join. They can post events and pictures and links to their favorite sites.

The idea of "free riding clubs" seems to be catching on. The group I ride with, Iron Horses Riding Club, was founded on a similar idea. We had all been members of the Southern Cruisers Riding Club, when we discovered that there were too many rules, too much bureacracy, and not very many people wanting to ride. So a few of us formed the Iron Horses, and the rest of us joined in.

Riding without rules and limitations, that's really what the spirit of riding is all about isn't it?


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  1. Mike, Great to see the idea you came up with is growing in popularity. Now if you could just do something about that nasty drinking and driving problem!!

    Cpl. W.S. Rolfe Raleigh PD
    and No Rules Rider Member

  2. What a concept! I knew that somewhere out there on the globe there were other riders that just want to ride without all the crap of a "club".

  3. Thanks Rolfe,
    I thought that's what the police escort was for!
    Just don't say anything about the prostitutes.

    Mike Kemmeries
    Founder of No Rules Riders

  4. This is the spirit of riding -- great work on getting this idea out there.

  5. The Arizona Geezers have been operating without rules, dues, officers, etc. for several years now. "No rules, no dues, no problem." Very little talk in the club, just riding. As you might guess it was started by some retired guys and most "club" rides are on weekdays.
    home page, sort of:

  6. This is GREAT! As you can tell I don't play well by the rules

  7. I liked the idea because I was able to join and I don't even own a bike (which was no problem because there are no rules).

  8. I really like the entire concept of "No Rules"- are there any active Ladies of No Rules who ride. Would love to see more info on this or how a woman who loves to ride can develop a new group geared towards women riders (not exclusive of the men in their lives, of course).



  10. I am in Mesa Az for the winter, I want to get in touch with the old geezers M/C & RIDE, but no one seems to know where they are or how to contact them...HELP please

  11. HELP!! I am in Mesa Arizona for the winter want to ride with the Old Geezers..but no one seems to know how to contact them, or where they meet etc.
    Anyone have contact information for them
    Thanks... road

  12. Riding without rules and limitations...thats a good idea, but shouldn't they be some officers and limitations?



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