28th Annual Redwood Run

For those of you not familiar with the " Redwood Run ", it's perhaps one of the last great American biker gatherings. No cops...

For those of you not familiar with the "Redwood Run", it's perhaps one of the last great American biker gatherings. No cops allowed. Just do what you want, and have fun.

A guy named Russ, along with his wife Cindy, who I've ridden with a few times, went to the Redwood Run, which took place just a couple weeks ago. Russ operates an online biker wear store. He wrote up this account:

With the 28th Annual Redwood Run behind us, all we can do now is sit and wait until it is time to do it again next year.

For those of you who have not heard of the Redwood Run, it is, in my humble opinion, the premier biker rally in the west. Hosted by the Kiwanis of the Redwoods, the rally takes place on the picturesque and privately owned Riverview Ranch, located in Piercy, CA. This is definitely an old school biker party and is not for the squeamish. No yuppies or RUBs at this rally and it certainly is not a place for the kids. With the 21 and over rule strictly enforced, the Redwood Run is a rally where you can let your hair hang down and party like the old days. And party we did.

With roughly 5,000 bikers in attendance, perfect weather, a great line up of musical entertainment and very few rules, we had all the makings for another wild and crazy Redwood Run. A small group of us made the 650 mile journey, from Southern California, the day before. Early the following morning, with a mile long line-up of bikes at the gate when it opened, we all wasted no time getting to our favorite spots and setting up camp. With the tents up and the coolers full of beer, it was time to party.

The first day of the rally was pretty laid back, mostly old friends meeting up with old friends; playing catch-up; walking around and getting the lay of the land; getting your run pin and t-shirt and just generally checking things out. Once folks started to get settled in, the activity picked up a bit with bikes doing burnouts and all the guys standing on the side of the road with beads and signs trying to get the females passing by to flash them some skin. The bands kicked in a little later and everyone headed down to the stage or back to camp to party the night away. Foghat was the headliner for the fist evening and was a real crowed pleaser.

Day two was packed with events including a bike show and the usual biker games. Standing room only around the slow race and weenie bit lanes with everyone trying to get a look at the gals that choose to participate in various forms of undress. Later in the day was the traditional wet t-shirt contest, which not only packed the grounds in front of the stage but filled the hillside up pretty well too. The competition was tough this year and a sweet looking young lady was selected as the winner by a bunch of lucky SOBs that were chosen to judge the contest. With the scheduled event coming to a close, the non-scheduled entertainment started to roll with all the bikes out again, making the rounds, doing burn-outs and parading their ladies around. Later in the evening the bands kicked in again with Cheap Trick as the headliner for the night. The bands rock into the wee hours of the morning after which all the hard core partiers stumble and crawl back to their tents for a few hours of much needed shut eye.

We all broke camp early the next morning and hit the asphalt. Sweet Cindy and I needed to get home that same day so we rode hard, gas tank to gas tank, arriving home at around 7:00pm, after an 11 hour and 650 mile ride. After a good nights sleep, we were ready to do it again, but I guess we will have to wait until next year.

This rally is not for everyone, but if you don't mind a couple nights of tent camping, hard partying bikers and some adult style biker fun, the Redwood Run is a must do. You can check out pictures of this years Redwood Run on our web site. Many of these photos are adult in nature so please clear the room of the little ones before you check them out.

Keep it in the wind and Ride Safe,

Russ & Sweet Cindy
After seeing the photos, looks like I may have to go next year! Thanks Russ.


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