Easyriders Bike Show Is Not For Me

I just got back from the Easyriders Bike Show in San Diego, CA. I won't be going back. I've been to a number of these bike shows...

I just got back from the Easyriders Bike Show in San Diego, CA. I won't be going back.

I've been to a number of these bike shows now, and they're all the same. I'm not sure why I keep going to them. I guess it's mainly for the ride, and to hang out with friends.

I'll admit, the Easyriders Bike Show is a competition for custom bikes and choppers, and the folks who participate in these events consider it worthwhile. And that's fine, I'm just not sure why I go to these shows.

First, the bikes there are indeed pretty cool and awesome. But for me, when you've seen one, you've them all. Choppers, bobbers, vintage, custom stock, it's all the same to me.

Then there are the vendors. Right off the bat, forget about finding anything for metric bikes, they're just never there. Even at the Las Vegas Bikefest, at the vendor village, I only saw one vendor booth for a metric bike, and it was just the Las Vegas chapter of Star Touring. Otherwise, about half of the vendors are selling clothes, and leatherwear. I've been looking for a denim vest, but you never find them at these shows. Why doesn't anyone sell denim vests at bike shows?

And there's always the motorcycle attorneys. Does anyone ever stop to talk to these guys?

The show itself wasn't all that big either. You're pretty much done in 60-90 minutes. And for this, they charge you $16.00 per person to get in! And that's on top of the $10.00 for parking!!!

I'll go to the Cycle World International Motorcycle Show however, just so I can see all the new stock bikes. But as for the choppers and the vendors, I'm through. If I ever end up going to another one of those shows, it's just to hang out with friends.


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  1. Easy Rider used to be a biker mag for people who build and ride their own bikes. The second issue featured a 650 yamaha chopper on the cover.

    Now it is just a showplace for $30,000 and over pro built bikes and the gear to please them. My last harley, a ground up by me 76 shovel chopper, cost less to build then most H.O.G. couples wear in leather and offical gear.

  2. AHH, why would you go to an Easyrider event to look for metric cruiser items? After all Easyriders is all about American V-twins. So complaining about the fact that the show cost you 16.00 combined with the prior knowledge that Easyriders hasn't run metric bike articles in ages really should have been your wake up call.

  3. If you think that all those bikes looked the same, you're right, you should save your money, get a pizza and stay at home watching American Chopper.
    It's about quality, not quantity...
    Now get in your mini-van and go pick-up the pizza before your wife beats you.

  4. You should have swung by the Summer's Eve booth. I hear they could help you get that sand out of your beaver for the ride home on your Riva scooter.

    Much better for you to give your money to a Japanese dealer than American, everyone knows they have little bitty peckers. The better to hump your tight ass.

    Christ, what a punani...

  5. Most manufacturers /vendors stay with the HD line of after market accessories because that is 85% of the market.. www.metalartsinc.com

  6. I do agree with you on one thing, some shows now days are getting pretty weak, but I ride and love anything that burns gas, these show were for us the riders/bikers who wanted to come and cut loose, party, drink, see old friends, and yes a some ass & tits. Now they are dropping like flies, turning into nothing more than street fairs. Even I know that Easyriders is all about V-twins, the only custom builders to attend this as a metric guys is AFT Customs and Jackson 5 out out TX, they make some pimped ass bikes that give the V-twins a run for the money. I have been and still go a lot of shows and they don't all look the same, yeah you do see some repeats, but you also see damn good builds, this world and life ain't for everyone I if I was you I would do some soul searching, sounds like you are one-sided.

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