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There's a new brand of sunglasses being marketed to "Riders of the American Motorcycle". It's called "Mad-Mix",...

Mad Mix SunglassesThere's a new brand of sunglasses being marketed to "Riders of the American Motorcycle". It's called "Mad-Mix", and it's based on the company's "X-Guard" technology.

From the looks of it, it doesn't appear to be all that much technology. The "X-Guard" is a piece of clear plastic (or rubber) lining that closes off the space between the frame and the eye cavity. Looking at the photo, note the eye frame near the nose bridge, and then notice a clear piece of lining that extends from it. A lot of existing riding glasses already seem to accomplish the same thing using foam rubber lining.

But in any case, they're supposedly all the rage in Japan, which is where the product originated. Mad Mix Japan Co. Ltd., the manufacturer, has set up its first distributor in Australia. Right now, you can only buy them online from a retailer called "".

They're pretty darn pricey too! The company has an info site for the United States, and it shows a price of $155.00 for the regular model, and $195.00 for the photochromic lens model.

They seem to look pretty cool though, and I guess that's all that matters to a lot of riders.


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  1. Hi,I am the Australian Distributor.

    These glasses are also available in selected bike shops throughout Australia - The Australian Site is

  2. Hi, I represent Mad-mix in Canada, I also ride an "American Motorcycle" and I bought these glasses before I got involved with the Company, The Xgaurd is all its supposed to be,protecting the eyes without fog ups.... your eyes will thank you. You can find us at Cheers

  3. Someone was selling them at Laconia last year. $249 I think. They had a booth set up with some hot chicks and a great big fan to put you in front of with the mad mix on. They seemed a little too pricey for me to buy on the spot.

    knock knock

    who's there?


    knock-off who?

    knock-off these, and soon.

  4. That's true these sunglasses are expensive



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