Government Should Encourage Motorcycle Use

Having just read an interesting article about biofuels hastening the destruction of natural habitat , I couldn't help thinking that our ...

Having just read an interesting article about biofuels hastening the destruction of natural habitat, I couldn't help thinking that our demand for fuel is mainly due to our reliance on cars.

Biofuels is essentially alcohol-based fuels like ethanol and methanol. In the USA, we're making it from corn, while in other countries they're making it from soybeans and palm. In Brazil, it's law that all cars registered there be capable of running on ethanol. This is why farmers are clearing out the rainforests to grow biofuel crops.

Here in the United States, our society tends to shun motorcycles. People look at them as either dangerous, or they look at bikers as dangerous. The reason why our society does this is because they can afford to do so. If our income levels were such that only a minority could afford cars, then Americans would have a totally different opinion about motorcycles.

But if 50% of all commuters rode motorcycles, then it would cause our demand for oil to come way down. This decrease in demand would bring down prices, and this might be enough to change the dynamics of Saudi-funded terrorism in the Middle East.

Part of the problem of getting more Americans to ride motorcycles is that our media paints a scary picture of them. Everyday, when I scan the news channels for material to blog about, I find countless new headlines about motorcyclists getting killed. Why doesn't the media do this for car accidents too?

Our government also doesn't help either. Some states require people to take the MSF course. Most states don't allow lane-splitting. Here in California, the last hold out for lane-splitting, many of my biker friends take their motorcycles to work specifically because they can split lanes. Take that away from them, and you take away a reason to save energy.

The reason why the media and the government acts against motorcycles, is because here in the USA motorcycles are a luxury item. They're simply recreation, and recreation indicates wealth. Liberals hate it when people become wealthy, because it demonstrates that capitalism and free enterprise works. This is why liberal governments in the US pass laws that burden motorcyclists.

It's too bad, because motorcycles can lower fuel prices, reduce freeway congestion, and give mobility to low-income people. You'd think liberals would champion these outcomes, yet they'd rather fight wealth instead, and contribute to the clearing of rain forests and put money into the pockets of Saudis.


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