U.S. Federally Recognized Biker Rally Weekend

A biker chick who goes by the name " Crazy Crissy " wants Congress to declare the 2nd weekend in June as our nation's official...

A biker chick who goes by the name "Crazy Crissy" wants Congress to declare the 2nd weekend in June as our nation's official biker rally weekend.

And she's plans to go to Washington D.C. and speak to Congress about it.

What she envisions is a weekend where bikers from all walks of life, all makes and models, organize rallies and rides in their towns and raise money for charity, any charity they'd like. There will be a "national headquarters" that will monitor the fund raising efforts and report on the total collections.

Actually, I'm not sure why the federal government needs to be involved. Seems like she ought to just start her own biker rally instead. That's kinda how the Love Ride got started, and how Run for the Wall got started.

Instead of people responding to government decree, it'd be more meaningful if they responded on their own good will instead. But hey, if she can pull it off, then more power to her. However, "Crazy Crissy for Kids" does have a nice ring to it.

I can see the ride pins already.


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  1. IMHO
    actually getting the Federal Govt to reconize the biker community can be a good thing a very good thing. It may help our politicians to see what a big part of their constituent base rides so they might perk up to some of our please for better and safer roads. Also it doesn't so much say that we as bikers are responding to a "decree" as getting cagers to respond that we are out there. Something like this may help to bolster state MRO's like CBA as well as the MRF. I say let's give Crissy or support.

  2. If the government gets involved in it, look out for regulations and laws. Do this of your own free will and leave the politics at home.

  3. Actually, having thought about it more, it should be a National Biker Weekend, PERIOD. Draw more attention to ourselves as people who ride on two wheels, not four. Maybe those people who run "don't see us" and cause death and injuries, would get more time in jail and monetary fines as opposed to running for office and getting to practive law.

  4. Hi, Crazy Crissy here. I've gotten a lot of emails telling me that I should leave the government out of it so for now, that's what I'm doing. I think we can make enough noise and have a big enough nationwide rally to get thier attention and with the proper press coverage, they'll know we're here. So I'm moving forward without a government proclamation but it's still going to be for charity. Hope you ride with us Bob!



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