California Attempts Helmet Repeal

California Senate Bill 969 (SB 969) seeks to modify the existing helmet requirement by making helmets optional for riders 18 years of age a...

California Senate Bill 969 (SB 969) seeks to modify the existing helmet requirement by making helmets optional for riders 18 years of age and older, and who possess health insurance, and who possess a motorcycle endorsement on their driver's license (a motorcycle license).

Actually, every year a similar bill is submitted into the California Legislature, and every year it doesn't make it out of committee. I'm told, however that SB 969 has a chance of making it out of committee, though I really don't understand why this is any different.

This bill is currently under evaluation by the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee, which consists of 9 Democrats and 5 Republicans. Assuming that all the Democrats (liberals) are against the helmet repeal, this bill has no chance.

I don't mean to be pessimistic. There's always a chance in the future. I hope one day the helmet law actually does get repealed. Right now, California is controlled by liberals, and liberals hate it when people have lots of money to spend. And that's the heart of the issue.

In the United States, motorcycles are a luxury item. When people spend $15K to $30K buying up Harley Davidsons, liberals see it as a lot of people who have too much money on their hands. They feel that people who can afford to make payments on a Harley Davidson, have too much going for them, and should be taxed more to make things fair. It's a matter of liberal politicians wanting to punish motorcycle riders for buying up loud obnoxious big-twin bikes, supporting Freedom, supporting the military, and resisting the hand of Big Brother.

It's not a safety issue, it's not a public health issue. It's a hate issue.


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  1. thanks for that oh-so-cogent explanation of why "liberals" hate people with "too much money". maybe you should stick to something you know something about .. whatever that might be.

  2. "liberals" don't think the common person can think for themselves so they need government to tell all of us to: wear seatbelts, helmets, turn on your headlights, how to raise our children, etc etc etc. thank you liberals for choking us with "your laws & regulations".

  3. Hey Bro: wearing a helmet might not only save your egotistical life, it might save the taxpayers a fortune when you suffer a severe head injury and end up a vegetable, - with all those "liberals" paying for your care.
    Canadian Biker

  4. Wearing a helmet definitely increases your chances of surviving an accident... but this should NEVER be mandated by government. America was founded on the principles of freedom and the Motorcyle is one of the finest symbols of freedom. That Canadian Biker is right on about Canada; they don't have freedom there. They are such a liberal country that they have to pay taxes to cover everyones health care... so of course he feels strongly about forcing people to wear helmets; it literally does cost him when someone gets hurt. But if we agree that helmets save lives and in turn save taxpayers money, where do we draw the line? Do we outlaw fast food? Do we mandate exercise? Do we ban motorcycles outright? I am surprised Canada hasn't done these things yet. Hang on to your freedom; I encourage every one of you to wear a helmet and the proper safety gear, but fight with every ounce of your strength the tyranny of government as it tries to infringe on your freedom!



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