Who Copied Who's Logo?

Is it just me, or are these two logos strangely similar? The top logo is from the Motorcycle Riders Foundation , while the bottom one is th...

Motorcycle Riders Foundation and Southern Cruisers Riding ClubIs it just me, or are these two logos strangely similar?

The top logo is from the Motorcycle Riders Foundation, while the bottom one is the patch worn by the Southern Cruisers Riding Club.

I don't know the history of these logos, but it would be interesting to find out which came first.


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  1. They both look like crap LOL

  2. From a graphic designer's point of view......The top one obviously came first. The bottom eagle's head is cropped. The motorcycle club probably either copied it themselves and hoped nobody would ever realize that they have no originality whatsoever. It's also possible that they simply hired an unscrupulous designer to design their logo.

  3. http://www.southerncruisers.net/tm.htm The patch with the eagle and the wings is the official trademark and official patch emblem of the National Southern Cruisers Org..Above url authenticates trademark of this patch.

  4. Just to chime in on this, registered trademarks have been overturned in court on the basis that another party can prove they've used and displayed the trademark for at least a full year before.

  5. The Southern Chicken Riding Club copied the orignal after obtaining permission. Serious lack of imagination on the Southern Chickens psuedo lofty elites to come up with an orginal emblem.
    Over all its a wannabe MC that never will be. Story goes that the Chicken Club founder bought a rice burner and his harley friends wouldnt ride wth him anymore. Really is a sad story, as I am in tears as I type this......

  6. SCRC is just what it says it is, a riding club, nothing more, nothing less. You can sign-up online and the patch is optional. No prospecting and no MC. I think that says it all.

  7. SCRC Southern Chicken Rip-off Club

    Is a joke and has no original ideas
    and is the worlds biggest wanna be club ...BWah ah ah aha hah a

  8. "The Southern Chicken Riding Club copied the orignal after obtaining permission. Serious lack of imagination on the Southern Chickens psuedo lofty elites to come up with an orginal emblem.
    Over all its a wannabe MC that never will be. Story goes that the Chicken Club founder bought a rice burner and his harley friends wouldnt ride wth him anymore. Really is a sad story, as I am in tears as I type this"......

    What's a matter, they turn you down for being a douche bag too?

  9. The Southern Communist Riders Club also will not allow members to wear their logo to any patriotic events fearing it would reflect a political view by the organization.

  10. Call the Southern Cruisers what you may. Pick on the type of bikes
    some of them ride and say there patch looks like crap.And no there not a MC group. But from what I see they are a grate group of people. Over the last six years they have donated over $355,000.00 to the children of St.Jude.This year they gave $193,768.24. They also donated thousand's of dollars of wheel chairs and other supplies.
    I make a challenge to all you that need some thing to do.Incorage your clubs to start rasing money for a good cause. Or just some one down on there luck.
    Merry Christmas and safe riding.
    Big-A 2

  11. No Matter what everyone has to say the fact is the Southern CRUISERS are a riding club .... Loaded with grt people and community minded...
    they do a hell of alot of charity work.... more than what i have seen form other groups ... not only do they help out charities ... but also downed riders ... this year a plan is beening implented to help out the new Brampton Hospital ... and yet we all keep on helping out the other charities ... so before you decide your opion just stop and think what your organization does !
    Yes i'm a Crusier and DAM PROUD OF IT.... if more riding clubs have the drive to help out charites ...just think how much better off this world would be....
    There are no special treatments of other groups to us... everyone has the right to ride and participate....
    if you do all the better....
    For those who don't like the Logo... tuff shit it's only a riding club logo ....and the real facts are there in our site...
    no comments ... it's only right that members do not use there logo's for polictical reasons .... this club is family minded with safe and enjoyable rides ... no matter what your wheels are ... there all welcomed...Yes the Crusiers are a free club ... never mentioned is the fact you don't have to buy a patch to be welcomed
    All riders are welcomed whether you ride a crotch rocket or crusiers
    Cougar S.C.R.C

  12. The genius point to the sky and the idiot look at the finger!

    If you look at the patch to get an idea of what the SCRC is, you are looking at the finger!

    As for the Southern Chicken Riding Club. Mmm do not know about this one. Maybe a frustrated flamers club with small XXXXX (fill in as fit for you)

    SCRC I know about, not because I think I know or stared at the patch for hours, but because I am in it since a few years. Great bunch.

    But you don’t have to love it or agree with it. That is the nice thing about democracy :-)

  13. I don't crap on your lawn don't come over to mine !!


  14. Silly Boy...Didn't you notice that one has wings on it and the other doesn't. The Name of the Club is also different on the two patches.
    I looked at the copywrite and it appears that the Southern Cruisers Patch is copywrited, the Washington DC Clubs is not.

  15. Said "copyright" barely reaches outside of Tennesse. Interesting too, is the fact that SCRC is deemed "not for profit", however patches and hats sold under the umbrella of scrc is for profit. how did they get away with that?

    Fridge Texas SCRC member (but not for much longer)

  16. I can't figure out why the first few posts pick on SCRC so much. The organization has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to St. Jude's Hospital in Memphis. It's a riding & social culb in which the members often support orther charities as well. There's no dues and few rules (primarily: don't give the club a bad name) Members get to ride with some buddies on a regular basis and for those who want there's a lot more travel to bike meets & other bike events. So where's the beef with SCRC?

  17. WHO Cares. Is it not about getting together with friends and riding.Stop watching soap operas your all turning into whiners.That is what is bad about society today.too many cry babies.

  18. "Said "copyright" barely reaches outside of Tennesse. Interesting too, is the fact that SCRC is deemed "not for profit", however patches and hats sold under the umbrella of scrc is for profit. how did they get away with that? "

    Thats because the SCRC items and patches are sold by the SCRC store which doesn't belong to the SCRC. Someone has to make the items, we can't get them for free. The SCRC owns nothing. The SCRC store is contracted through the copyright owner to sale the items to the SCRC members.

    SCRC National Membership Director.

  19. Why would one give a bad name to someone,to something or to an organization?

    Jealousy, feelings of insecurity, inferiority complex, undevelopped social skills leading to wore out welcome thus expulsion due to inappropriate behaviour such as constant negativity, giving the club or club member(s) a bad name for their own personal benefit.

    Take your pick, but to some people being destructive is easier and more rewarding than being constructive. Hence some of the reasons why the bashing of earlier.

  20. "Fridge" wrote:

    "Interesting too, is the fact that SCRC is deemed "not for profit", however patches and hats sold under the umbrella of scrc is for profit."

    actually, anything over the cost of having the patch made goes to st. jude's hospital as well. any other questions?

    a club is what its members make of it. the two chapters in our area ride for fun, friendship, and fundraising to support the children's wish foundation and the sapper mike mcteague wounded warriors fund.

    we would do the same whether we wore an eagle or not. the patch is irrelevant - our contribution to the community, and to motorcyclist safety, is not. the SCRC crest is merely a way to recognize other like-minded riders, and distinguish them from the riff-raff that post anonymous abuse on the internet towards riding clubs about which they haven't the first clue.

    Mistress K
    2nd Officer
    SCRC 501 Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

  21. I'm sure I don't know who came firts but I can tell you that the SCRC patch is a registered trademark. Nuff said I think.

  22. HMMMM... A Riding and Social Club.
    Now that's funny.. These so called good guy's have stomped on the very Idea of being a social club. They tell there members that it is not a social club IT'S A RIDING CLUB. Whenever members meet outside the boundries of the RIDING CLUB, they are quickly shunned by all the wanna be bikers in there midst. They are lead to belive that meeting and having fun outside of those boundries is wrong, or they all whine like spoiled children because they were not included in the fun. I think that the SOUTHERN CRUSIERS RIDING CLUB is the biggest joke of all. They are all self centred and have bigger than life ego's. They need to get over themselves and start acting there ages. I also feel that they need to screen there members more closely as to weed out the idiots and the cry baby's. Take a lesson from some of the other clubs out there that have a trial period for new members, to see if they will all get along with eachother.. This stops alot of the petty squabbles within the ranks of the club.


    One Who Knows

  23. Another bunch of wanna be bikers (SCRC) that think they are hardcore by wearing a patch. All dressed up in the cheapest leathers that they can find and don't have the moxy of a prospect in a real club.

  24. I know of another patch that looks like that too.But who cares? I just want to know why every one goes by anonymous. Are they too scared to sign their name after making a stupid comment?

  25. Oh grow the hell up, the whole damned bunch of you!
    Get a life! Take a ride, spend some time with your kids, watch TV, or check into re-hab if you need to.
    Just stop this "school-girl" whining get back to the riding topics.

    Torchie from Vancouver Island.

  26. You know, Mr./Miss/Ms./Mrs. Anonymous seems to be making a lot of comments. If your feel so strongly about your opinion, you shouldn't be ashamed to post your name and stand behind it. Also, where are all the comments from the Washington Club?

    I think that we would spend our time a lot better doing other things than bickering amongst ourselves. Bikers, whether they be independents, 'social' club riders, riding club riders or members of MC's should try to pull closer together. There is enough opposition out there in the world from certain narrow minded police, government agencies, insurance companies and some joe citizens in cages who enjoy running us down (both verbally and litterly). We don't need to help them bash our reputations.

    I have been a proud S.C.R.C. member for 5 years. I also have met, and got along well with many members of other clubs, and members of several different MC's. In fact, I have several good aquaintences who belong to MC's.

    We shouldn't be bickering between ourselves. Besides, I think that the topic started with which patch came first, not who is good or bad, wrong or right?


    Keep ridin' &
    Keep smilin'

  27. I agree with you Doc. If people would put as much time and effort into "building" their own group as they seem to in "slamming" everyone else, there would an amazing amount of great riding/MC clubs out there with people that just want to ride without the drama !

    Reg Green CMC www.cmcnational.ca

  28. reading most of this crap makes all bikers and riders look like a pack of idiots .It's the same stupidity you see all over the internet biker sites and it's pathetic behaviour putting down someone because of what,where,when and how often you ride.Your all suppose to be grown up enough to ride a motorcycle and yet you all come in here to put down other people that ride.Sounds like you all should go back to driving cars like where you belong because the ones that put people down thats where they belong.This probably won't be posted because it's moderated but hopefully the moderator has the guts to post it up.

  29. I joined a local SCRC chapter near Cincinnati last year and these folks are great. I've been riding for over 30 years and own two HDs and I don't have anyone's patch on my back and no one cares. This group is about riding and that's what they do. While there are probably more HDs than other brands its never an issue and I can assure you no one has been called a "chicken" to their face. Non-members are always welcome to ride with any SCRC chaper. Don't put them down until you have riden a few miles with them and it won't cost you a dime.

  30. I think your as dumb as a mistress k on a red bike. what a slut

  31. SCRC is what it is. You either you get or you don't.

  32. who cares when they started,i am sure the washington club is a good one, and i am postitive the SCRC is a great club,for those who just want to belly ache , you have either been kicked out of or never have been apart of a family,don't put down people you don't know ,for they may be the ones that help you in your time of need.

  33. I respect all Bikes and groups. I have my favorites just like everyone who reads this post. I am a member of SCRC and damn proud of it. We ride, unlike these anonymous people who jack off they're ego while putting others down. From a bikers point of view.... ride more and don't worry about who came first.
    Edflea.... SCRC ER road captain

  34. i, personally, do not understand the point of the banter here. seems like another motorcycle site where the same old argument of i am a real biker and you ain't argument comes in. the 'discussion' started about an rc patch. did i miss something? it is an rc? i could possibly gather more passion and interest if this were a discussion on 3 piece patches of multiple mcs, but it is not. scrc is a riding club. the two patches on the original post are just that- patches. neither belong to an mc or such or carry rockers. if you are a warrior, know who you fight for and what you live for. do not waste your words on this forum or any other. be judged by your execution. *btw- i would suggest the moderator edit posts that do not add to the discussion topic or do not add the site.


  35. Does a patch make you a biker ? Does it make you a "Bad Ass" ? I think not. It is a piece of cloth. What makes you a biker is what is in your heart, your commitment to your family, kids, wife, country, and the quest for the perfect ride. We all heed the call of the open road with the freedom that goes with it.
    If any patches matter, it is the ones worn by our troops all over the world that is protecting your sorry asses so you can bitch and moan and ride free.
    A patch is a patch is a patch. What matters is who's back it is worn on. Are you making a difference or just standing on the side line sturing up stuff that doesn't matter ?
    Time to "Man up" don't you think ?
    Think about it............

    Big Animal
    SCRC 2nd Officer ER, GA


    CruzerDave FO SCRC ER#268



  38. The Motorcycle riders group in Washington was started in St. Louis, Mo in 1985. The Southern Cruisers (Wannabe losers) was started by Rick Perry in Tenn in 1998. You do the math. The cruisers are bunch of Wannabe RUBS who ride around the country pretending to be real bikers. Also they spout that they have a membership of 30,000. That's not exactly true. Their active membership is only about 4,000 and if you put in all the people who are passengers that number goes down to about 2,500 give or take.

  39. I am proud to ride with the Southern Cruisers.

    The patch that is worn is done so with pride; whether it be an eagle or whatever was chosen. A patch or symbol is not what makes a club; it's the membership, it's the interaction with one another and what the club does and represents. The Southern Cruisers excel in this simplistic idealism; one that I subscribe to!

    Let's talk about what binds us together- RIDING!, rather than the origins of a patch. The patch only comes into play in recognizing a fellow member and subscibing to a set of bylaws or standards.

    Get a life and ride and make sure you make it home to your loved ones!

    McFly- SCRC373 Peel

  40. McFly..funny name..for a funny motorcycle club (peel) wtf is that, a town or strip club. bunch of losers and wannabe bikers. oh, sorry..wanna be riders. riding club is one thing, mc is another. you scrc types are neither. computer geeks that ride sometimes. whenyou are putting on 50,000 miles in a year, then you ride. whiners all of ya'

    Dennis in Tennesee
    PS the patch looks like a plump seagull designed by a idiot.

  41. As a young man, I was in line to prospect with a smaller 1% club out west upon putting my next scoot on the road, but decided to move back to the eastern states because of job prospects. After a long break from riding to raise my kids, I started riding again last year, and decided to check out the SCRC because I had long lost touch with my old riding partners, and their goals were consistent with mine; sober, serious riding, not posing around the local watering hole. In the two months that I have ridden with them, I am far from disappointed- in general, they are older, highly experienced riders that are not prudish, but have safe riding as their 1st priority. But, truly, the eagle looks like a fat seagull! I had contacted another riding club that had a unique and cool-looking patch and was invited to their next monthly ride- which tuned out to be 20 miles to the closest Hooters. Last weekend, our SCRC chapter did a 150+ mile loop just to get a decent burger- see the difference?

  42. To all those that sign off on their comments as anonymous, your just a bunch of pathetic cowards anyway. Stand behind what you say, leave some contact or name. Your opion is as useless as you are. You would rather wine about something than to be something. I support ANY riding club, gang, organization, or riding group that gives to the community through charity rides and other events. Who cares what the patches look like or who designs them. You’re a large group of sad individuals with not much going on in your life. My name is "DOC' and my e-mail is xtremedude23@hotmail.com. Unlike the other cowards that complain, I'm not afraid to leave who I am and how to contact me if you got something to say. Guess that’s the difference between an adult and a sad individual that want to complain. Grow up or go away. Like I said, in not really important to anyone and neither is your worthless opions. Safe riding SCRC and to all other bikers.

  43. I was in SCRC chapter 130, I was the treasurer then 2nd officer. I am now removed from the roster. I have had many good rides with them and still ride with a few members outside of SCRC. Chapter 130 rides every weekend and average 150 miles each ride. Can't say anything bad about chapter 130.

    Larry Glaser

  44. For the ones that don't know about scrs they don't need too talk about them we ride Harleys and jap bikes we rise money for st.jude and we can have fun with out trouble we are a family so learn more before you run your yap



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