Still Recovering from the Accident

While I'm still recovering from the motorcycle accident of last January, things are healing up. The kidney seems to be feeling better,...

While I'm still recovering from the motorcycle accident of last January, things are healing up.

The kidney seems to be feeling better, at least it doesn't get sore as often. My doctor says the last urinalysis results came back great.

The wrist is still healing. About 5 weeks ago an orthopedic surgeon put a couple of pins in there to hold the fracture closed. I was in a long-arm cast for about 4 weeks, and then just last week they put me in a short-arm cast. I have to wear this for another week and a half, and should be cast-free.

The regular doctor put me on all kinds of vitamins to help with the healing both bones and internal organs. I was anemic for awhile, and I guess I was slightly diabetic, and even my liver function was down. He said traumatic events can do things like this. The good news is that my internals are back to firing on both pistons, and all gauges look normal.

More good news. My insurance company is paying me just about full price on the bike. I paid $21,227 for the 2005 Harley Ultra Classic, and they're paying me $20,977 ($50.00 less in value, minus $200.00 deductible). So, I'm getting just about everything back. Foremost Insurance is the company. Only thing is that I can't get the money until I send Foremost the title, and I still haven't received the title!

I can't wait to get back to riding. All my friends are riding, and I wish I was with them.

Today, I bought a new helmet. Yeah, I'm still wearing a half-helmet.


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  1. "I had to hit the brakes because it was a lot of water, and it was running pretty fast. Unfortunately, I locked up the tires, and the bike fishtailed out of control and threw me off."

    No offense, but that was a pretty stupid mistake on your part. It sounds like you panicked, overbraked the rear, underbraked the front, and caused the bike to highside due to disregarding your nearest vanishing point. I was just wondering if you've ever had any formal rider training, such as an MSF Basic or Experience RiderCourse, or have ever attended a track school.

    Glad you're okay.

  2. Listen to this guy! Exploiting your accident to promote his website? No offense, but it sounds like this guy is a wannabe sleezeball. I was just wondering if this guy has any friends, such as a girlfriend or someone to hang out with.

    Back to reality, now that you know what you know, are you going to get the same bike or try a different make/model?

  3. Right now, the plan is to get another HD Ultra. I got it because my wife really liked the comfort. That was really the whole reason for buying a touring bike, to give my wife more comfort on long rides. At the time of the accident, I was riding the Ultra solo, because I had let a friend borrow my Road Star.

    But I blame myself for the accident. I should've spent some time doing some braking to learn the limits first. The HD brakes are sensitive, compared the Road Star, which are much harder to lock up the wheels. Chalk up another point for the Yamahas.

    In response to Mr. Sportbike School, I suppose yeah, you could say it was a mistake. But there was no time to react in that situation. Had I been on my Road Star, that would not have happened, because I know exactly what I can and can't do on it. The error was that I didn't spend enough time to know the same limits on this HD.

  4. Hey, Steve:

    Great to hear that your health is improving and that you'll be getting back on your horse.

    Takes a lot of guts.

    Still gets cold and a lot of salt on the road where I live (NY). Waiting for a good rain to clean up the roads before I start riding.



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